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Independent panel on surveillance recommends a curtailment of NSA activities

The president's independent panel on national security programs issued its report on Wednesday recommending limits on spying. Among the 46 recommendations, the tech industry will care about the following, as outlined by the New York Times:

TiVo founders readying new TV adapter

InVisioneer, a San Jose-based startup from TiVo founders Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton, appears to have a new digital media adapter in the works that could be unveiled within weeks. Read More →

Obama administration set to release independent panel’s national surveillance reform report

The White House is set to release today an independent panel's recommendation's for reforming the nation's surveillance programs, as The Hill reported. One source told us that the report, outlining 46 recommendations, is expected out at 1 p.m. PST Read More →

Wiretap’s Wednesday Wrapup: The latest Silicon Valley funding news

As startup names go, Robinhood's a pretty good one. The Redwood City company offers users a mobile-first stock brokerage service with zero commission -- robbing from all those rich stockbrokers, and giving to the poor schmoes like you and me. On Wednesday, Read More →

Has Apple given you a sweet tooth?

You've heard of eye candy, arm candy and ear candy. How about most-downloaded-free-iPhone-app candy? This delicious news just in: Apple's winner of the most popular (free) iPhone app of 2013 was Candy Crush Saga. Just in time for the sugarplum fairies. If Read More →

Silicon Valley’s top 10 feeder colleges — Stanford yes, but Harvey Mudd?

Turns out Stanford University is every bit The Farm you always thought it was -- as in a place to grow Silicon Valley's workforce. Thanks to a nifty piece of work by the Silicon Valley Business Journal's Jon Xavier with Read More →

Apple roundup: A slap in Australia, no deal in China (yet) and gifting e-books

Another day, another raft of Apple news: • Australian regulators have slapped down Apple for misleading consumers. The Cupertino-based tech giant has agreed to broaden its warranty policy for broken and faulty devices after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission found Read More →

Apple about ready to take Mac Pro orders, at long last

You'll soon be able to order Apple's newly revamped Mac Pro computer; no word yet, though, on when you'll actually receive it. Read More →

Quoted: Hello, Cleveland!

"The Bay Area is sick and tired of the antics of entitled techies, and the nouveaux riches want a place where they’ll be appreciated. . . . Cleveland, say." -- Matthew Yglesias, Slate's business and economic correspondent, in a Read More →

Off topic: ‘Star Wars’ game, horrible acting, ‘Buffy’ villains and (sorry) a cat video

Why am I giddy this morning? I saw the trailer for the multi-player "Star Wars: Attack Squadron," the first "Star Wars" game title coming from Disney in 2014. During your commute, mentally debate this list of Read More →
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