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Android still No. 1, but Apple closing the gap

Android is still No. 1 in U.S. smartphone sales, according to a new report, but Apple is slowly closing the gap, and new phone upgrade plans could soon give a boost to iPhone sales. The report, released Monday by Read More →

Quoted: Bob Mansfield no longer part of Apple’s executive team

“Bob (Mansfield) is no longer going to be on Apple’s executive team, but will remain at Apple working on special projects reporting to Tim (Cook).” -- Apple spokesman Steve Dowling, explaining to AllThingsD why the biography for Read More →

Will Google finally have a TV hit on its hands with Chromecast?

Is this it? Will Chromecast finally give Google its must-see TV (gadget)? Here's a look at why or why not — after the flops that were Google TV and the Nexus Q — the third time might be the charm Read More →

Apple remains America’s heartthrob

Investors have dumped its stock for months now. Techies are demanding it come up with the Next Big iThing. Yet for all the bashing it's taken of late, Apple and its products apparently remain close to Americans' hearts. The proof is Read More →

Venture firm gets powerful ally in lawsuit: California pension giant CalPERS

I've written a lot about the still-smoldering lawsuit over HRJ Capital, the celebrity venture capital firm formed during the dot-com bubble by Joe Montana and two other ex-49ers. When the bubble burst, the firm collapsed, Read More →

Elevator Pitch: IVP’s Steve Harrick

Time once more for Elevator Pitch, where top tech investors talk about the kinds of deals they're looking for -- and the kinds of mistakes entrepreneurs should avoid. This week, we've got Steve Harrick, who joined Read More →

Quoted: on email overload

"We could also say when we walk out the front door of where we live, 'Oh my gosh, there's so many blades of grass, I have lawn overload.' " — Linda Stone, former Microsoft and Apple executive, says that a Read More →

Off topic: ‘Simpsons’ fantasy league, travel books, not so well-read, big bucks for Beanie Babies, AK-47 underwater

Now we know what "The Simpsons" writers did last summer: play their Summer Box Office Fantasy League. Defending travel guidebooks as creators of social change. Speaking of books, here are 20 well-known titles people Read More →

Apple, Facebook and Google earnings provide hangout fodder for Pat & Mike from Silicon Valley

Pat and Mike get together on a Google Hangout to unwind the mysteries of Silicon Valley earnings reports -- and what a tangled mess they weave. They look at Apple, which has gone from fabulous to flat; and Read More →
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