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Palen moves forward, with Energy Commission staff requesting more information

The California Energy Commission released its preliminary staff assessment for the massive Palen solar power plant in Riverside County Friday. The document lists areas in which Energy Commission staff feel the proposed project is in compliance with laws, ordinances Read More →

Quoted: Smartphone news from Mozilla, HP and BlackBerry

"Being late you have to create a different set of propositions. There are still things that can be done. It’s not late. When HP has a smartphone, it will give a differentiated experience." — Yam Su Yin, executive with Read More →

Off topic: Koi heist, revisiting Shakespeare, skee-ball, suicide and seasons, cheese wheel

Hundreds of fish were stolen from a pond in the great  koi caper. Covering Shakespeare: The Bard's works will be adapted for the 21st century. A national competition for those who are serious about skee-ball. Read More →

Apple, the NSA and inner peace with Pat & Mike from Silicon Valley

It's Pat & Mike from the Merc, back by popular demand (thanks Mom), cheering on Silicon Valley heroes and skewering the knuckleheads. Join them as they talk about Apple's stock roller coaster, the government's need to set Google, Read More →

Rating for Apple ad taken “out of context,” firm says

Citing data from Ace Metrix, Bloomberg on Thursday reported that Apple's latest television ad, which attempts to explain its "Designed By Apple in California" slogan, is a "flop" with consumers, but the company's CEO says its rating was taken Read More →

Apple – for the 62nd time in history – is FINISHED!

A report from Fortune this week tells us that the days of Apple being erroneously declared dead or dying are actually not numbered. In fact, as the report points out, a dedicated blogger over at MacObserver has been keeping track Read More →

Apple’s new ad a flop? Maybe, maybe not

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that a new television ad campaign from the iPhone maker has been a dud with consumers, but there are reasons to doubt that report. Read More →

Plugging away: Army blocks Guardian website in wake of NSA spying reports; Stuxnet leak probe

File this under "F" for futile: The Army is restricting access to the Guardian website to try to crack down on leaks, the Monterey County Herald reports. The Guardian was the first to write about the extent of Read More →

Google sues IRS over AOL in today’s alphabet soup winner

The news that ginormous search giant Google is suing the IRS over a transaction with AOL has tech experts across the country asking: What's AOL? Kidding, kidding. No one should be surprised that America Online did work for Google back Read More →

Square challenges eBay with new online marketplace

Jack Dorsey is at it again. His company Square, considered by some to be the best invention of 2010, introduced on Wednesday an online marketplace to compete with Internet merchants such as Etsy and eBay. Square started as a mobile payments platform Read More →
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