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China’s online shopping market is big — and getting breathtakingly bigger

Chinese consumers are on the verge of outspending their U.S. counterparts online this year, according to research compiled by Alizila, a blog of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group The post says 242 million Chinese online shoppers could spend an Read More →

Silicon Valley companies, others speak out against anti-same-sex marriage laws

With the U.S. Supreme Court scheduled to hear next month a couple of high-profile cases involving same-sex marriage, Apple, Google, Facebook, eBay, Oracle and many other companies in Silicon Valley Read More →

Quoted: on Supreme Court’s dismissal of FISA spying lawsuit

"This ruling insulates the statute from meaningful judicial review and leaves Americans’ privacy rights to the mercy of the political branches." — Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director of the ACLU, on the U.S. Supreme Court decision (PDF) Read More →

Off topic: DIY dialysis, sleep, sriracha’s story, chicken-flavored food

Homemade ventilators and dialysis machines in China. Sleepless in America, an infographic, plus a Brain Pickings look at Thomas Edison, the power napper who had a "contemptuous" attitude toward sleep. "But there’s only one Read More →

It’s On: Silver Spring Networks sets terms for $63 million IPO

It's on. Silver Spring Networks, the Redwood City company that's been a leading player in the smart grid space, finally announced the terms of its long-awaited IPO Tuesday. The company first filed for an IPO in July 2011 and there's Read More →

Investor seeks ouster of two HP directors, audit firm

An investment firm affiliated with the labor group Change to Win wants Hewlett-Packard to drop two of its longstanding board members and its auditor, Ernst & Young, largely because of the Palo Alto tech company's questionable acquisitions. The firm, CtW Investment Read More →

Mozilla’s Firefox OS vs. Android, iOS and mobile apps

Can the new Firefox OS make a dent in the dominance of Google's Android and Apple's iOS? And can the Web get its mobile groove back? Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacks, speaking in Barcelona at the Mobile World Read More →

News you can use: Google streaming music? Plus iTunes settlement, Foursquare deals

News you could possibly use: • Google's rumored streaming music offering could launch in the third quarter of the year, Bloomberg reports. The subscription service would compete with streaming music market leader Spotify — and possibly an Read More →

Quoted: ‘Six strikes’ and your Internet could be out? On the Copyright Alert System

"We hope that by the time people get to alerts number five or six, they will stop." — Jill Lesser, executive director of the Center for Copyright Information, which is overseeing the Copyright Alert System. The CAS, which was Read More →

Off topic: Ditching the old, gender pay gap, collecting the White Album, N.Y. windows, traveling by tube

Abandoning the elderly at  the Kumbh Mela, the mass Hindu pilgrimage. The gender pay gap by occupation, graphed. A guy who collects albums — but just the Beatles' White Album, which he listens to Read More →
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