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How much do we hate robocallers?

After my recent article about the obnoxious junk calls I've been getting from a Sacramento carpet cleaning service called Ray's, I was deluged with calls and e-mails from folks who've been driven half-crazy by persistent and annoying robocallers. Some readers Read More →

Groupon’s CEO: ‘I was fired today’ ..

Andrew Mason earned a reputation for wise-cracking when he was CEO of the one-time phenom that was the daily-deal start-up Groupon. He stayed true to form when he was forced out of the struggling online company on Thursday. “After four and Read More →

A little gasoline for Yahoo’s work-from-home bonfire

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s recent move to order the company’s telecommuters back into the office has sparked a debate that doesn’t seem to be dying down. Lots of people have strong opinions about the benefits of having a Read More →

Online gambling: Nevada, N.J., Delaware and Zynga — they’re all in

Nevada did it last week, and New Jersey did it this week. We're talking legalizing online gambling, a potential gold mine for revenue-hungry states and casinos and tech companies such as Zynga, which reportedly already has Read More →

Quoted: Carly Fiorina talks Marissa Mayer and other female execs under the microscope

"Yahoo is a big company in the midst of yet another turnaround attempt. Attention will be paid to their CEO. Is the attention hotter, more critical, because she’s a woman? Probably." — Carly Fiorina, fired former CEO of Read More →

Off topic: Eating horses, but not literally; fisherwoman and fish photos; ‘the sexiest meal’

This is timely:  exploring the origin of the phrase "I could eat a horse." (via The Morning News) "I make a living out of this. The government doesn’t help me and I never married, so I have to Read More →

Wiretap’s Wednesday wrapup: Venture capital deals in Silicon Valley

Santa Clara storage startup Nexenta Systems leads us off with the biggest deal of the day: a $24 million D round of funding led by Four Rivers Group. A gaggle of prior investors, Read More →

Google’s Brin calls smartphones ‘emasculating’ ..

We all know folks who hate the incessant use of smartphones. But who would expect to hear them dissed by a co-founder of Google, which makes the most popular smartphone operating system in the world? In the latest effort to promote Read More →

Someone sees through Google Glass scam on eBay, takes it down

If anyone needed more confirmation that Google Glass has become the must-have geek accessory, here's another sign: A fake eBay auction reportedly drew bids of up to $15,900 before it was pulled. Google has Read More →
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