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She++ fellowships aim to spread the gospel that coding is cool

The latest effort to get more kids interested in technology comes from a group of Stanford University students who've known for a long time that coding is cool. She++, a campus-based organization that works to empower women in technology, is launching Read More →

Tesla’s third fire: Model S owner says “I would buy another one in a heartbeat”

When the first Model S caught on fire, after an Oct. 1 accident in Washington State, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk defended the vehicle in a post on the company's blog. When the second Model S fire occurred, in Mexico Read More →

Tech Files Mailbag: Anti-virus software for Android phones, tablets

Tech Files answers a question about how to get anti-virus protection for Android devices. Read More →

New Amazon offer: selling Kindles at indie bookstores

Amazon this week unveiled a new initiative called Amazon Source, under which independent bookstores would sell the company's Kindle e-readers and get a cut of sales of e-books afterward. Beyond the participating bookstores cited in Amazon's press release, other Read More →

Rising tech startup star: The Middle East

Beneath the turmoil and unrest that has seized much of the Middle East, there is a burgeoning tech scene offering a nugget of hope in a place where creativity can be a luxury and basic survival is often a challenge. That’s Read More →

Women in tech: one look at the numbers

When it comes to female engineers in tech, Pinterest engineer Tracy Chou says "the actual numbers I’ve seen and experienced in industry are far lower than anybody is willing to admit." She's backing that up by sharing those numbers on Read More →

Google Rorschach doodle puts a blot on digital art form

Google's home page today is a Rorschach test. Not a Rorschach test on anything, just a Rorschach test, period. And how am I feeling about that? Not good. What can I say? I'm a doodle purist. The Google doodler and Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Beth Seidenberg on what’s ahead for biotech, and what’s behind the shakeup at Kleiner Perkins

Welcome back to Elevator Pitch, where we put top tech investors under the microscope. And speaking of microscopes, this week's guest is Dr. Beth Seidenberg, who heads up life sciences investing at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Read More →

Facebook launches anti-bullying tool

A week after Facebook acknowledged declining interest among younger teenagers, the world’s largest social network has launched a “bullying prevention hub” aimed at helping teens deal with online harassment. The hub offers suggestions for victims to address their abusers, including online Read More →

Mixed holiday news for consumers and tech companies

With the holiday buying season approaching, industry research outfit NPD Group has good news for tech companies and not so good for consumers. NPD analyst Stephen Baker noted Friday that that televisions and personal computers are a good indicator of the overall Read More →
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