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Amazon news packed with workplace issues

Amazon stock is on a tear. It topped $400 for the first time last week, is trading above $400 as of this post, and is up about 55 percent this year. But besides its Wall Street success and the recent Read More →

Elevator Pitch: InterWest’s Doug Pepper on the magic of serial entrepreneurs

Doug Pepper joined the venture capital business straight out of business school -- in 2000, as the dot-com bubble was bursting. Not what they call auspicious timing. But by focusing on consumer Internet, mobile and (more recently) Software-as-a-Service Read More →

Quoted: on NSA spying, virtual worlds and the future of privacy

"Possibly in the future you’ll no longer be permitted to be who you think you are, or even who you’re pretending to be: You will be who they say you are, based on your data-mined, snooped-upon online presence." — Read More →

Off topic: Good or not good for you, reading a lot, Sir Mix-a-Lot, karaoke history

Cinnamon, vitamins, aspirin: Are they good for you, or not? What If takes a mathematical look at why it's impossible to read every English-language book in one's lifetime. On the invention and inventor of Read More →

Happy Holidays to ride-sharing fans: Lyft comes to the East Bay

Ride-sharing company Lyft will begin service in the East Bay on Monday, just in time to take passengers to holiday parties and drive home those who indulged in too much eggnog. Lyft rides will be available in the East Bay from Read More →

Tim Draper’s latest zany idea: Divide California into six new states!

Love him or hate him, you can't accuse venture capitalist Tim Draper of thinking inside the box. The guy whose firm made early bets on companies like Hotmail, Skype and Baidu has been a longtime dabbler in everything from efforts to Read More →

Target security breach a reminder that threat lurks in stores and online

We'd been warned time and again this holiday season about the risk of identity theft when shopping online -- the dangers of making a purchase when connected to unsecured WiFi or entering a social security number on a sketchy shopping Read More →

After outcry, Yahoo Mail brings back tabs

Yahoo Mail users can breathe a bit easier now -- their beloved tabs are back. Yahoo redesigned its popular free email service in October, but in an attempt to streamline its look, removed the tab features that Read More →

Quoted: ‘Worrying’ rise in government takedown requests

"Over the past four years, one worrying trend has remained consistent: governments continue to ask us to remove political content." -- Susan Infantino, Google's legal director, in a transparency report Thursday detailing government requests to remove content from its Read More →

Off topic: Video game foliage, ‘Lost’ fans, gingerbread Transformer, surfing from above

When you're playing a video game, do you ever just stop and look at the bushes? Well, some people do, and this is their blog. "We have to go back" -- or at least a bunch of Read More →
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