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Doogie Howser, VC – Matrix adds 28-year-old Jared Fliesler as general partner

Jared Fliesler boasts an impressive resume: After holding down senior positions at Slide and Google, he became vice president of business operations at Square, where he helped the Jack Dorsey-led startup grow its payment processing Read More →

Facebook signing up users for waiting list to get new News Feed

Facebook rolled out its new-look News Feed to journalists and bloggers on Thursday, saying the changes will be seen on the iPad and iPhone in the coming weeks, followed by Android. To get on a waiting list for the new News Read More →

Tech and policy: unlocking cell phones, plus cops and access

Just a couple quick stops on Tech and Policy Way: • GMSV isn't sure there's a rush to unlock cell phones — and obviously those numbers would be hard to come by. But of course the point by those who are Read More →

When elephants fight: Google vs. Microsoft goes on and on

When tech titans fight, metaphors and common expressions come to mind. Pot, meet kettle. Size matters. Tit for tat. Microsoft and Google have gone after each other over antitrust issues. The most recent example comes by way of a Read More →

Quoted: Stoned in Silicon Valley?

"Coders can code on it, writers can write on it. I see good days ahead for pot." — Mark Johnson, CEO of San Francisco-based news app maker Zite, in a Bloomberg Businessweek report that says there's a "raging" culture Read More →

Off topic: Extinct species, nerd burlesque, photography, inventions, pessimism

Should extinct species be revived? Nerdlesque, where nerd culture meets burlesque: "It's about... letting your sexy geek-flag fly." A short, animated history of photography. (via@brainpicker) Invention of the Day, a blog full of Read More →

PayOne files lawsuit against Home Depot

San Jose mobile payments company PayOne filed a lawsuit against Home Depot late Tuesday, alleging that the retailer has infringed on PayOne's patented technology by offering shoppers PayPal in-store checkout. The lawsuit, filed at a San Jose courthouse, Read More →

Playlist: Apple, Beats and streaming; free and discounted music from Google Play; Sony sues Beyonce file-sharer

The music news, it just keeps streaming in: • Amid recent noise about new music-streaming services from Google (and YouTube), Apple has met with music moguls and Beats Electronics founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine over a Read More →

A $733M ‘error’ message: EU fines Microsoft over browser-choice deal

Microsoft is again in trouble for failing to give consumers a choice in Web browsers, with the European Union fining the company 561 million euros, or $733 million, for non-compliance with a 2009 settlement. It is the first fine imposed Read More →

Quoted: Just married (over the Internet)

"There are some problems with willy-nilly allowing anyone around the world to marry." — Adam Candeub, a professor at Michigan State University College of Law, on proxy marriages — which the New York Times reports are increasingly enabled by Read More →
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