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Tweet? What’s a Tweet?

Never one to jump too early out of the starting gate, the esteemed and scholarly Oxford English Dictionary (known to the cognoscenti as good-ol' OED) has decided to throw fate to the winds and include the word "tweet''  in its stable Read More →

NSA spying update: Yahoo disclosure, Obama interview, NSA chief testimony

Another day, another U.S. government surveillance roundup: • Yahoo became the latest tech company to disclose the number of law-enforcement requests it has received in the past several months. Its magic numbers: 12,000 to 13,000 between December and May. Read More →

“Pandora’s Promise” in the wake of SONGS’ demise

Talk about timing! "Pandora's Promise," a pro-nuclear documentary by director Robert Stone, opened in select theaters June 14. The film, which basically advocates for nuclear energy as a low-carbon solution to the globe's growing energy needs, has been largely Read More →

Quoted: ‘world’s youngest VC’ on youthful entrepreneurs

"I really only want to meet with entrepreneurs under 25. I mean, if you're 30, what are you doing at South by [Southwest]?" — Alex Banayan, 20, the subject of a profile in the July issue of Fortune that Read More →

Off topic: Top consumers of vodka, rum and more; luxury fruits; language and geography; smartsandwich?

A chart of high spirits: Russia tops vodka consumption; India, rum: France, whiskey; Philippines, gin; and United States, tequila. $21 apples, $212 square watermelons and other expensive fruit in Japan, where they're considered luxury gifts. Are Read More →

Next Big Things: crowdfunded babies, hashtags for blizzards, watching Game of Thrones on your iPhone

The Bloomberg Next Big Thing Summit, a two-day conference to showcase the latest and greatest in entrepreneurial ventures and technological innovation, kicked off Monday in Half Moon Bay. The conference, which goes through Tuesday, is one of those Read More →

CodeEval coding contest seeks to snag Google and Facebook programmers

In case you don't sling enough code in your cubicle all day, CodeEval of San Francisco is giving you a chance to come up with a program that finds the shortest distance among some of the city's hungry startups. The Read More →

Action in U.S. spying saga: Apple, Facebook disclosures; Snowden speaks; scope of surveillance

Today we're serving up quick links to developments in the U.S. government surveillance saga: • Apple, Facebook and Microsoft — which were reported to be part of the National Security Agency's Prism surveillance program — have released the number of government Read More →

DreamWorks shows coming soon (well, next year) to a Netflix queue near you

DreamWorks will produce original TV shows for Netflix, pushing shares of the Los Gatos company considerably higher this morning. Netflix says the multiyear partnership, which will include shows based on popular movies such as "Shrek" and "The Croods" as Read More →

Quoted: on facial recognition, state ID databases and cops

"More and more, what you're going to see is criminals and other people whose images were taken over the years are digitized, [and] put into these databases, and incidents like Boston will be easier to solve." — James Albers, Read More →
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