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Google sues Apple-backed Rockstar over patents

Attempting to short-circuit a series of patent suits filed by the Apple-backed Rockstar consortium against its Android device partners, Google earlier this week filed its own suit against the group, asking a court for a declaration that it and its Read More →

Quoted: Is drone regulation too strict?

"The answer wasn't to ban the Internet until the commercial rules were implemented." — Brendan Schulman, an attorney in New York, compares the regulation of drones so far to the relative lack of regulation around the rise of the Read More →

Off topic: Psychopath quiz, dealing with anxiety, three Americas, salami museum

Are you a psychopath? There's an online test for that. (via Salon) Study: Got anxiety? Don't calm down, get excited. Survey says that psychologically speaking, there are three Americas. And "the best part Read More →

Wiretap: Gay-themed app comes out … of stealth mode

Yes, Michael Belkin has launched a “gay” app. But no, he wants to make clear, it’s not for cruising. Last week, Belkin re-opened the public beta of and announced it had become the Read More →

Britain grants posthumous pardon to war hero and computing pioneer Turing

Great Britain on Tuesday issued a royal pardon to computing pioneer Alan Turing, helping to redress the wrongs done to Turing, a hero of World War II whose efforts to crack the codes used by Nazi Germany helped foreshorten that Read More →

Tesla shares zoom on renewed NHTSA safety rating

Tesla shares are hot today, up about 6.5 percent as of this post, a day after the electric car maker announced that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reaffirmed the 5-star safety rating for the company's Model S Read More →

No for the holidays? A tech gift (anti) wish list

Waited till the last possible minute? Here's a quirky holiday tech gift guide from your friendly Mercury News staff. It might make most of us ask what we've done to deserve such "gifts" — no offense to those who actually Read More →

Quoted: Edward Snowden says mission accomplished

"The mission’s already accomplished. ... Because, remember, I didn’t want to change society. I wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself." — Edward Snowden, former government tech contractor and source of NSA documents Read More →

Off topic: Erasing memories, AK-47, mayor’s footprints, drinking games

Can painful memories be erased by electric shock therapy? The "always proud" inventor of the deadly, user-friendly and inexpensive AK-47 has died. Thomas M. Merino's his name, wear it out: In Boston, the Read More →

What 2014 will bring for digital music

From Beats Music to YouTube's music subscription service and a startling change for Gracenote, 2014 is shaping up to be a big year for digital music. Next year will bring new digital services for artists and listeners, as the appetite for Read More →
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