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Off topic: American food and pizza, Japanese bars, color and culture, running of the bulls

Cereal as life-savers, hot dogs as symbols of freedom and other thoughts about American food. Also, the United States of pizza, mapped. On to eating in Japan — in penguin bars. Orange as vulgar, Read More →

Apple’s Spaceship Headquarters and’s big effort are picked over in Pat & Mike’s latest Google Hangout

Join Pat & Mike as they talk about the big news in Silicon Valley, which is all about (spoiler alert!) Apple.  Yep, the company everybody loves to love is fighting city hall. Read More →

Apple’s hot date with the Cupertino City Council

As Apple executives appeared before the Cupertino City Council Tuesday night for final approval to plop its proposed spaceship-shaped headquarters into the leafy bowels of this Silicon Valley town of 60,000, many observers figured the hearing would be perfunctory and Read More →

Report: Amazon working on smartphones

Amazon, working with HTC, has a smartphone that's in the "late stages" of development that may launch as early as next year and has two other phones in the development, according to a report. Read More →

Unrest at Couchsurfing: CEO exit, layoffs, user complaints

Couchsurfing, the website that pioneered the crowdsourced hospitality industry, is undergoing some major changes. And they may not be good ones. Last week, Couchsurfing CEO Tony Espinoza resigned. Couchsurfing director Jen Billock will become the interim CEO as the company searches for Read More →

NSA spying and your little black book, plus Snapchat and other privacy news

We're once again standing at the corner of technology and privacy, and what do you know, NSA spying news is all over the place: • It's possible the NSA has taken a peek at your virtual little black book, your online Read More →

Yahoo investors like Alibaba, not so sure about Yahoo

Yahoo's stock was bouncing up and down - but  mostly down - on Wednesday, as investors struggled to reconcile another tepid earnings report with their excitement over the impending IPO of Alibaba, the booming ecommerce site in which Yahoo owns Read More →

Analysts weigh in on Intel’s earnings

A day after Santa Clara chipmaker Intel reported flat quarterly revenue and profit compared with a year ago - largely due to slumping sales of its circuits for personal computers - Wall Street generally seemed underwhelmed. Some analysts expressed confidence  that Read More →

Quoted: The voice of Siri on what made her cry

"This can be a thankless business. It's so nice to know my voice is being used in a good way." — Susan Bennett, who a couple of weeks ago came forward as the original voice of Siri, the virtual Read More →

Off topic: Wedding-night sex, sound map, 4 o’clock, dandy quiz

In the age of premarital sex, cohabitation and lots of booze at the reception, fewer couples are doing the deed on their wedding nights. What's that whistling? Follow your ears and engage in sound tourism with the help of Read More →
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