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Cell phone unlocking gets Obama’s formal backing

On Tuesday, the Obama administration formally asked the Federal Communications Commission to require wireless carriers to unlock devices when requested by customers. Read More →

Quoted: Pirate Party crashes spy drone in front of German chancellor

"The objective of the mission was to convey to Chancellor (Angela Merkel) and Minister of Defence Thomas de Maizière what it’s like to be suddenly observed from a drone." — Markus Barenhoff, vice chairman of the German Pirate Party, Read More →

Reddit bans forum to find Navy Yard shooting suspects, averts another online witch hunt

Applying a hard-learned lesson from the Boston Marathon bombings and the social media mayhem that followed, Reddit on Monday banned an online discussion dedicated to finding the alleged Washington Navy Yard shooters. During a morning of horror, a gunman on Monday Read More →

Google’s Wallet getting bigger, though Apple’s iOS has edge in mobile commerce

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED - SEE BELOW ... Google’s adding new features to its Google Wallet app for Android devices, including the ability to send money to friends on your phone or tablet, as the search advertising giant continues to Read More →

Self-driving cars — or plans for them — seem to be everywhere

There's been plenty of talk about self-driving cars. Google is testing them in California and elsewhere, as many people know. Now, it seems more and more are aboard the train to autonomous vehicles. Automakers at the Frankfurt auto show Read More →

Tesla Motors hiring engineer for autonomous driving push

Tesla Motors has an interesting job description on its website: "Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Controls Engineer." The full-time job, based in Palo Alto, seeks an engineer responsible for "developing vehicle-level decision-making and lateral and longitudinal control strategies for Tesla's effort Read More →

Quoted: Bryan Goldberg of Bleacher Report fame on the valley, women and Bustle

"New Yorkers have too much reverence for their institutions. A young banker absolutely worships Goldman Sachs. A young journalist is in complete awe of Condé Nast. In Silicon Valley, growing up, your parents approve of you saying, 'Oh, I could Read More →

Off topic: clothing evolution, weapons and music, Ivy League cocktails, tough love from moms

Neanderthal wear — now that's vintage clothing. Making music from weapons seized from Mexican drug cartels. Cheers to the Harvard Cooler and other Ivy League cocktails. Say this in your best Darth Vader voice: Read More →

Apple won’t offer iOS update for recently sold iPod touch model

Apple isn't offering a version of the new software for the fourth-generation version of the iPod touch, which Apple sold until May. Read More →
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