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Quoted: #Oops, JPMorgan’s Twitter Q&A backfires

"Bad idea! Back to the drawing board." — Brian Marchiony, JPMorgan Chase spokesman, after the company canceled a Twitter Q&A session with Jimmy Lee, one of its executives. The company hadn't counted on the public's anti-bank sentiment. Wednesday, sarcastic Read More →

Off topic: ‘Huh,’ charting pie, almost time for resolutions, right brain vs. left brain

Huh — does everyone really understand the word? January is for pecan, February is for chocolate, and so on. Behold the month-by-month pie chart. Perhaps famous people's New Year's resolutions will inspire you, as it has Read More →

Google and KKR invest $400 million in six solar plants

Google's on quite a roll when it comes to investing in renewable sources of energy like solar and wind. The tech giant, which has invested more than $1 billion in renewable energy, will announce Thursday that it's made its Read More →

Did Snapchat turn down a $3 billion offer from Facebook?

Did Snapchat really turn down an offer from Facebook to buy the popular messaging service for $3 billion? That's what the Wall Street Journal is reporting, citing unnamed “people briefed on the matter.” The report may demonstrate the growing interest around Read More →

Netflix gets a makeover

Netflix on Wednesday unveiled a new design for its streaming video service; subscribers will find more pictures, rewritten synopses and a new feature that tells users why they might like a particular title. Read More →

Quoted: on Apple, Jony Ive and innovation

"One of the myths about Steve Jobs’ tenure is that he introduced an earth-shattering innovation every couple of years. ... There have been long periods in Apple’s past when they were in a quieter, maintenance mode, like now. There's no Read More →

Off topic: Telling stories, ‘Price is Right’ strategy, ‘walkable’ cities, falling dominoes

Tropes and more tropes: the periodic table of storytelling. Prices, schmrices: Use game theory and a handy cheat sheet to win "The Price is Right." Nearly 3,000 U.S. cities ranked by how "walkable" they Read More →

Modern art in Silicon Valley … courtesy of Google’s Sergey Brin?

Not content to simply buy and fix up retail properties in the Silicon Valley suburb of Los Altos, a real estate investment firm linked to billionaire Google co-founder Sergey Brin has begun sponsoring community outreach efforts that include "pop-up” parks Read More →

Quiet launch doesn’t mean iPad Mini won’t be huge

Apple held another underwhelming iPad launch Tuesday, this time releasing the second generation of the Mini with Apple's high-definition screen, known as Retina display. The subdued product release -- which comes a little more than a week after the iPad Air Read More →

Report: 60 percent of tech jobs created this year filled by women

More than half — 60 percent — of the jobs created in the U.S. tech industry through September of this year have gone to women, according to one report based on numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Dice, a tech Read More →
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