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Around the valley: Tesla Model X production pushed back; Twitter music service; Yahoo Mail chief out?

A quick roundup of some of the week's news about Silicon Valley companies: • Tesla shares are down almost 9 percent this week. The Palo Alto electric-car maker said in a filing with the SEC last Thursday that it won't begin Read More →

Quoted: on shutdowns of Internet (gambling) cafes in Florida

"I just wish they'd leave us alone. We're not like Allied. We didn't do anything wrong. People have the right to spend their money however they want, and a lot of people can't afford to go to casinos. Here, they Read More →

Off topic: Smoke science, universal language, singular they, nuts about Nutella, Alyssa Milano

Now that the smoke has settled at the Vatican, a pyrotechnics expert discusses the how. A proposed universal, phonetic language is touted as a path toward world peace. Speaking of language, this might send shudders down Read More →

CalPERS joins call to oust some HP board members

Echoing other critics of Hewlett-Packard, the influential California Public Employees' Retirement System on Thursday voted to "withhold" its votes for five HP board members seeking reelection at the firm's annual meeting Wednesday. The move essentially counts as a vote against Read More →

Five reasons why Facebook might offer #hashtags

Facebook is reportedly working on a plan to offer a feature similar to #hashtags, those short identifying words or phrases - preceded by the cross-hatch symbol # - that folks on Twitter use to tie their posts to a common Read More →

Google shakeup continues: Jeff Huber’s new role

On the same day that Google CEO Larry Page was announcing  a major change involving the company’s Android and Chrome business units, he also moved forward more quietly on another reorganization involving Google’s mapping and commerce operations. Google confirmed Thursday that Read More →

Google Reader’s looming shutdown: Reaction, alternatives, plus a lesson

Google said Wednesday it is turning the page on Reader, the RSS-based tool that many news junkies have relied on since 2005, as it does some "spring cleaning" that will be finished come July 1. In a blog post, Read More →

Watching, sharing, tracking: Samsung Galaxy S IV; Netflix and Facebook; U.S. spy agencies

Quick hits about some of the usual suspects, candidates for the "I always feel like somebody's watching me" file: • Tonight is the big (expected) Samsung Galaxy S IV launch in New York. The hype (yes, there's hype) surrounding Read More →

Quoted: on kissing robots

"Humans used to write letters long time ago, and now they’re using Skype, but it’s definitely not enough. We need this technology to improve the lack of personal communication." — Hooman Samani, a professor at National Taipei University, on Read More →

Off topic: Smiley face’s history, toy stories, photographer’s story, choosing seats, ‘The Matrix’ in one minute

The smiley face — 50 years old? Maybe. "Toy Stories" from around the world — photos of kids with their prized possessions. An award-winning photographer had to sell his camera to survive. A diagram guide Read More →
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