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John Thompson still digging the challenge

I got a ton of pitches after Forbes came out with its recent list of Most Promising Companies. But when the CEO of the third-ranked outfit on the list reached out, I took a meeting. During the Read More →

Facebook’s revamped News feed: Good or bad news for bottom line?

Facebook's visually focused News Feed revamp is supposed to open up more possibilities for ads, as the Merc's Brandon Bailey and others reported Thursday after the unveiling. When it comes to ads, "bigger is definitely better," Zach Newcomb, Read More →

Facebook’s evolving News Feed

In my first brush with Facebook's redesigned News Feed, which the company showed off at a news conference Thursday, the photos really jumped out. There was a gorgeous, almost over-sized image of a baseball diamond under a blue sky, posted Read More →

Tech giveth, taketh away: Farewell to Golden Gate toll takers; apps lead to pink slips; rise of robots; real estate brokers’ resilience

In another episode of the push and pull of tech and innovation, today we call your attention to how technology is affecting people's jobs. • The Golden Gate Bridge is doing away with all human toll-takers because of FasTrak and other Read More →

Quoted: on 83-year-old contest winner’s contribution to 3D printing

"This competition demonstrated that it’s totally possible for anyone to get inventing — an 83-year-old retiree from a suburb of Seattle won this competition. You no longer need to get a job, you can make a job." — Zach Read More →

Doogie Howser, VC – Matrix adds 28-year-old Jared Fliesler as general partner

Jared Fliesler boasts an impressive resume: After holding down senior positions at Slide and Google, he became vice president of business operations at Square, where he helped the Jack Dorsey-led startup grow its payment processing Read More →

Facebook signing up users for waiting list to get new News Feed

Facebook rolled out its new-look News Feed to journalists and bloggers on Thursday, saying the changes will be seen on the iPad and iPhone in the coming weeks, followed by Android. To get on a waiting list for the new News Read More →

Tech and policy: unlocking cell phones, plus cops and access

Just a couple quick stops on Tech and Policy Way: • GMSV isn't sure there's a rush to unlock cell phones — and obviously those numbers would be hard to come by. But of course the point by those who are Read More →

When elephants fight: Google vs. Microsoft goes on and on

When tech titans fight, metaphors and common expressions come to mind. Pot, meet kettle. Size matters. Tit for tat. Microsoft and Google have gone after each other over antitrust issues. The most recent example comes by way of a Read More →
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