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Quoted: on Satya Nadella and a new day at Microsoft

"Before, we just were not able to partner with Microsoft. Satya (Nadella) has opened a door that was closed. And locked. And barricaded." — Marc Benioff, CEO of, on a previously announced deal to integrate his company's software with some Read More →

Off topic: SOTU generator, ‘Goodnight Moon’ bedroom, fearless, owl cafe

How about a mashup of Obama, Bush and Lincoln, courtesy of the State of the Union speech generator? A critique of the "Goodnight Moon" bedroom, with its "dangerously non-childproofed fireplace" and more. A woman who Read More →

Silicon Valley ranks 3rd globally in GDP per capita

Silicon Valley ranks third after Swiss financial hub Zurich and the Norwegian capital, Oslo, in per-capita gross domestic product, according to a study released Thursday by the Brookings Institution. The study from the D.C.-based think-tank and JPMorgan Chase measured the San Jose metropolitan region's Read More →

Coinbase makes history, raising largest-ever round for bitcoin startup

No matter how dubious you -- you, the general public, the consumer, the average person carrying a wallet with credit cards -- are about Internet currencies such as bitcoin, venture capitalists and Wall Street are just downright giddy about them. Coinbase, one Read More →

Google surpasses Comcast as top tech lobbyist

Google spent a record $16.83 million last year and surpassed cable and telecom giant Comcast for the first time in lobbying the federal government, according to a new Consumer Watchdog report analyzing records filed by big tech and communications companies with Read More →

Apple snaps up music analytics company Semetric

News has surfaced of Apple's purchase of a British music data company, offering new clues about its plans to revamp the Beats music streaming service. Apple's acquisition of Semetric closed late last year, according to the Financial Times, which put Read More →

The Lyft ‘stache gets a new look

It will still be pink but not furry. Lyft, the ride-hailing company that competes with Uber, has shaved off its giant fluffy mustache that was affixed to Lyft drivers' cars. Instead, Lyft drivers will sport a "glowstache," reports Wired. Here's how Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on the Wednesday menu. Apple steps up lobbying in Washington. Thanks to iPhone 6, Apple climbs to record 33 percent market share in Samsung's home turf of South Korea. U.S. settles with woman for $134,000 after DEA Read More →

Quoted: At Davos, talking about tech’s rep vs. banks’ rep

"Self-regulation, no matter what you do, is just not going to be good enough." — Paul Achleitner, chairman of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank, on the tech industry. The Financial Times reports that business leaders at the annual Read More →

Infographic shows how much crooks pay for personal data

Ever wonder how much your personal information is worth when some nasty cyber crook gets their hands on it? You now can get an  inkling of that from an interactive infographic that's been put together by security firm Trend Read More →
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