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Comcast shows service chops, dubs man ***hole on bill

After his wife attempted to drop their cable service from Comcast, Spokane, Wash. resident Ricardo Brown recently found that the company had changed his first name on his bill to "***hole." Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on the Thursday menu. U.S. business groups ask China to postpone new rules that would require companies to submit to security checks, provide source codes and encryption keys, and more. (Wall Street Journal and New York Read More →

Google patent: Look ma! No hands!

The Google genuises behind the driverless car are apparently looking for even more ways to set those hands of yours free. As the Mountain View-based search giant continues to fine-tune its driver-free vehicle, which the New York Times reported will Read More →

White House said to be preparing sweeping privacy legislation

As the Federal Trade Commission has requested, the White House reportedly is preparing to ask Congress to bolster the FTC's power to police privacy violations by Internet-related businesses, including online advertisers, app makers and companies that make the smart, connected consumer Read More →

Quoted: Mark Zuckerberg’s investor preference

"It matters to the kind of investors we want to have." — Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, when asked during Wednesday's earnings call — the company posted strong results — why investors should care about his company's Read More →

Despite Apple gains, Android rules smartphones

Last year, Android became the first operating system ever to ship on 1 billion phones, helping the operating system actually increase its already dominant market share to more than 80 percent. Read More →

Off topic: Your ex the cockroach, despised words, blockade diet, names and jobs

Get over it, says the San Francisco Zoo: "Nothing says 'I've moved on' like adopting a giant cuddly cockroach in the name of your favorite ex." Words people hate — is yours on the list? Russian Read More →

In venture capital lies a fix for sexism in Silicon Valley

Newsweek used a loud, cheeky, sexual cartoon to bring up the overwhelmingly complex, undeniably serious and highly charged issue of sexism in Silicon Valley. The topic that we, in Silicon Valley, talk about a lot: the lack of women coding, the lack Read More →

Apple: Designed in California, Sold in China

The South Bay is Apple's birthplace and the site where its gadgets are dreamed up. But the company's center of gravity is drifting ever closer to China. Amid the parade of good news delivered during Apple's earnings call for the ages Read More →

Are Uber and Lyft drivers employees?

Two federal courts in San Francisco this week will begin to consider the question for the on-demand era of startups: Are workers who use the technology platforms to find jobs independent contractors or full fledged employees? In separate lawsuits, drivers have Read More →
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