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On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we've got your tech news links right here. We've got bushels of Apple links, starting with questions about what products might be coming next. After all, Apple is spending plenty on R&D. Oh, and we mentioned Read More →

Captain Kirk has some photon torpedos for Facebook’s newest app

William Shatner is not impressed by Facebook’s new Mentions app for celebrities. The celebrated “Star Trek” (and “Boston Legal” … and don’t forget “T.J. Hooker!”) actor and occasional recording artist has reviewed the new app on his Tumblr account, Read More →

Quoted: on amusement and autocorrect

"We don't have a metric around amusement. We don't track amusement errors as a metric." — Nitin Agrawal, head of the European autocomplete team for Microsoft's Bing search engine. Autocomplete — which Microsoft pioneered in Word and has spread Read More →

Off topic: Legos from under the sea, drone’s-eye view, ‘Jeopardy’ bloopers, Michael (Keaton) Kombat

Plastic octopus, anyone? Legos are still washing up on Cornish beaches 17 years after a shipping container fell into the sea. From Portland to Antarctica, travel the world by drone. Video time: "Jeopardy" devotees may have Read More →

Apple earnings preview: iPhone 6 in focus

Apple's earnings are coming! Apple's earnings are coming! Here's what's being mentioned all over the place as key. The much-anticipated iPhone 6 is even more anticipated. Among the intriguing bits — besides that the phone may have a bigger screen — Read More →

Facebook low in customer satisfaction, while Pinterest ranks high, survey says.

Pinterest users have a high rate of customer satisfaction, according to a new survey by an independent research group. Facebook and LinkedIn users? Not so much. Ads and privacy are big concerns cited by Internet users who ranked Facebook and LinkedIn Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we scour the Interwebs for news and we share. Facebook is the best-performing stock in the S&P 500 index in the past 12 months. Apple iWatch watch: The company was awarded a patent today that describes Read More →

Quoted: Hillary Clinton on social media’s potential

"Too often, people use it as a weapon instead of an opportunity, and maybe one of the ways we can think together about the next phase of development of social media is a tool of outreach, a tool of reconciliation, Read More →

Off topic: ‘Loud Americans,’ speaking of apes, orange prison garb, where cats live

No "loud Americans" allowed at one Irish cafe. Speaking of speaking, why don't apes do it? Black and white is the new black: Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" makes orange too cool, prompts Read More →

Coming soon: Netflix earnings (as in today)

It looks like Wall Street is expecting a good show from Netflix today when the company reports second-quarter earnings after the markets close. Numbers, we've got numbers: A Bloomberg survey of analysts expects earnings per share of $1.13 on $1.3 billion Read More →
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