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Eolas: MUAHAHAHahahaha!

Eolas may no longer need to put out a "Hurricane Relief Edition" of its software to boost its finances now that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has upheld its controversial patent on embedded Web applications. The decision Read More →

Errata: Fumbling the feature

A quick apology to the esteemed Palo Alto Research Center, which, contrary to the claims of certain folks who really should know better, hasn't been shut down at all. Looks like it's time for another algorithm update, Read More →


"We know that they [Apple] are going to build a smart phone -- it's only a matter of time." -- Motorola CEO Ed Zander manages to piss off Steve Jobs twice in the same week. Read More →

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"Oracle put Siebel investors out of their misery today. We have been doing that for Siebel customers for years." -- CEO Marc Benioff "We didn't acquire the company to lay all the people off. That would be wacky." -- Oracle Read More →

Hey, they showed up in the yard one day, we started feeding them and they stayed

Corporate brain raiding, long part of the valley tradition, seems to be enjoying a Prius-like surge of popularity these days, at least judging by the cases that are nasty enough to reach the courts (see "Kai-Fu Lee will run Read More →

And we don't expect any complaints about scratches on the case

Think of it as open-source education. Nicholas Negroponte, founder and chairman of MIT's Media Lab, announced the One Laptop Per Child program back in August, with a goal of developing and distributing a $100 Linux-based machine to more than Read More →

Heck of a job, Brownie

If Congress was really serious about dropping the hammer on the Federal Emergency Management Agency for its dismally inept response to Hurricane Katrina, it would patch one of Lake Pontchartrain's ruined levees with Michael Brown himself. An internal audit Read More →

OK, is there anybody here who doesn't work for Baidu?

Kai-Fu Lee, the ex-Microsoft exec Google hired to head Chinese operations, has got plenty to keep him busy while awaiting legal resolution of his employment status (see "Feeling a little like Borland these days, are we, Microsoft?", "And, Read More →


"The court specifically cites that Grokster's marketing to 'former Napster users indicates a principal, if not exclusive intent to bring about infringement.' Is this really proof of intent to induce infringement? Does this mean that every advertiser that has advertised Read More →
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