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Save "AnotherAsinineMPAALawsuit.torrent" to desktop?

Can torrent indexing services be held liable for copy infringement? We may soon find out now that the the Motion Picture Association of America has filed suit against a number of them. On Thursday the MPAA fired up its Read More →

Juilliard School of Music announces new "Lucky Bastard" scholarship

Apple's iTunes digital content storefront passed another landmark Thursday, selling its one billionth download -- Coldplay's "Speed of Sound" -- to Alex Ostrovsky of West Bloomfield, Mich., who scored quite a windfall along with his $.99 Read More →


"'Freedom!' will the joyful say
Released from slavery today!
Yet others'll suffer horrid angst,
if their little screens go blank."

-- Larry Neal, deputy staff director for communications for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, who needs to Read More →

NASA working group to star in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" remake

Always prudent to rule out the risk of alien invasion when planning the manned exploration of a distant planet like Mars. God forbid we send someone out there on a sample-return mission only to end up possessed by alien pods. Read More →

RIM to NTP: Appease you we tried, now screwed you all will be.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's final rejection this week of one of the five patents involved NTP's patent infringement suit against Research in Motion (see "Now you're sure there isn't a "Really Final Office Action Ruling" after Read More →

And if you do happen to lose your job, I hear Dominos Bangalore is looking for drivers …

"India's middle class is buying air-conditioners, kitchen appliances and washing machines, and a lot of them from American companies like GE and Whirlpool and Westinghouse. And that means their job base is growing here in the United States. Younger Indians Read More →

The McAfee data? It's in my CD wallet between Zeppelin III and Physical graffiti

The last remaining doubt that corporate America is utterly incapable of properly safeguarding sensitive personal data apparently disappeared into the thriving black market for Social Security numbers back in December when some Deloitte & Touche auditors left a CD Read More →

Off Topic

I posted this back in May of 2004, but a few of you tell me it's making the rounds again: Forklift Driver Klaus: An homage to industrial safety educational films (.WMV file not suitable for those Read More →


"Where is the Mind of Google these days? Seems to be back in the mid-90s, rediscovering Geocities. "

-- Userland founder Dave Winer slags Google's latest beta product, Google Page Creator.

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