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A hot car, a cold shoulder and a can that can't

A few odds and ends to wrap up the week:
  • How would you like a car that could blow the doors off a Ferrari 360 Spider or a Porsche Carrera GT and still qualify for solo driving in the car Read More →
  • I think this call's for you, honey — someone named Lovrbuns8532?

    AOL is finally trying to leverage one of its biggest assets, its instant messaging network, with an interesting twist on the voice capability that is becoming a standard feature among competitors. Beginning in mid-May, AOL will give its 41 Read More →

    Appeals judge gets all Simon Cowell on hapless FCC contestant

    If you're an attorney arguing before an appeals panel on behalf of the federal government, pretty much the last thing you want to hear from the bench is something like this: "Your argument makes no sense. When you go Read More →


    Google is "knowingly generating billions of dollars from the pornography trade and illicit profiteers, in intentional and reckless disregard of its legal duties and the well-being of our nation's children" and "makes its money, in part, by facilitating deviant criminals Read More →

    If you get up to answer the TV one more time, I'm making you see a doctor

    News from the "you mean it's not just me" department. I've long suspected that clever advertisers have subtly increased the use of electronic beeps in their TV commercials to trigger our involuntary attention, trained as we are by our gadgets. Read More →

    Finally, a way to reach female, left-handed bowlers interested in major appliances

    Like early Earth, the young online world has its own set of plate tectonics, and because these events are unfolding in Internet time, we can actually watch the continents drift and scrape against each other. Right now, it's the landscape Read More →


    "I wish I wasn't. There's nothing good that comes out of that. You get more visibility as a result of it." -- Bill Gates, on being the richest man in the world Read More →
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