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Thankfully, we weren't bound by a "Do no evil" clause in our company charter

Google saw the Bush administration's request for its search records as "overbroad, unduly burdensome, vague and intended to harass." Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL, mmmm, not so much.  A Justice Department spokesman on Thursday confirmed that those three companies were Read More →

And the Golden Globe for biggest luddite in an unsupportive role goes to …

Does anyone really think that those regular moviegoers among us will stop patronizing theaters if the DVD versions of new films appear on the same day as their theatrical release? No one, it seems, but the country's largest theater chains, Read More →

It's against Google policy to negotiate with terrorists

Go to hell. That was the gist of Google's response to BellSouth's proposal to charge content companies for guaranteed fast delivery of music, video, data or voice (see "Don't wanna pay? Vinnie, show the gentleman how you can squeeze Read More →


"If you haven't misspent hours battling an Arctic Ogre Lord near an Ice Dungeon or been equally profligate spending time reading the published works of the Internal Revenue Service, you probably haven't wondered whether the United States government will someday Read More →

Steve, I know European sales of our Donald Duck action figures aren't exactly compelling, but please take off the iPod

In February of 2004, Pixar CEO Steve Jobs, emboldened by the company's stellar fourth-quarter performance and irked to no end over its prolonged negotiations with Disney (see "Pixar to Disney: M-I-C, see ya around sucker; K-E-Y; Why? Because you Read More →

iCame, iSaw, iConquered

Turns out the vaunted iPod halo effect is just gravy -- it's the iPod itself that's the entree on Apple's groaning table. After market close Wednesday, Apple reported the highest revenue and earnings in its history. The Read More →

What if we promise not to show the records to Karl Rove?

If you don't regularly anonymize your Google cookie and purge your personalized search history, now might be a good time to start (then again, in this day and age, why bother?). The Department of Justice on Wednesday Read More →

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