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"Steve should bring out a wheelbarrow of newspaper and magazine articles about 'beleaguered Apple' or 'Apple going out of business' and light them up in the parking lot. And maybe send a get well card to Michael Dell."

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Sony adding new wing to Museum of Failed Formats

Sony's proprietary Universal Media Disc may soon go the way of Betamax. With sales falling below expectations, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and Image Entertainment all have stopped distributing movies on UMD; 20th Century Fox Buena Vista and even Sony Pictures Read More →

Vonage: all dressed up and no place to IPO

"We may require significant capital to pursue our growth strategy, but we may not be able to obtain additional financing on favorable terms or at all."

-- Excerpt from the Vonage S-1

With so little interest in a Vonage IPO, Read More →

Off Topic

The BBC profanity scale (Site obviously not suitable for those with an aversion to vulgarity; Thanks Emma)

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DOJ fishing expedition conducted from haul seine boat, not dingy

Looks like Yahoo, America Online, MSN, and Google weren't the only outfits the U.S. Department of Justice subpoenaed as part of its effort to uphold the 1998 Child Online Protection Act (COPA) (see "What if we promise Read More →

Why yes, your honor, Steve Jobs did teach me everything I know about diplomacy

The Apple vs Apple case has only just begun and already things have devolved into name calling (see "Mr. Jobs, it's almost time for your periodic contribution to the Beatles Preservation Fund").

In the first day of oral arguments in Read More →

MercExchange awarded patent on "method & system for wasting a ton of money of legal fees"

Tough break. You spend untold millions in attorney's fees dragging the world's leading online auctioneer into court on charges of patent infringement. You convince a district court in 2003 that the company's "Buy It Now" feature infringes on two of Read More →


"You have to balance the risk of not participating. And people don't realize that being in the market every day there, and being on the ground, we are seeing changes, on the whole, for the positive."

-- Yahoo co-founder Jerry Read More →


9. John C. Dvorak named product strategist
8. Steve and his Oracle pal Larry Ellison go hunting; Larry shoots Steve in the face
7. The iPhone Shuffle: hit a button, call a random number
6. iTunes for Linux
5. Solid Read More →
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