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And while you're at it, that $1 annual salary always looked kind of suspicious too

Meanwhile, back on the home front, Apple is dealing with some nasty stains. The ones getting all the attention in the blogosphere are the unsightly patches of discoloration that have shown up on a small but significant number of white Read More →

Liberté, égalité, interoperabilité

Apple now officially has a little French problem. Lawmakers in Paris gave final approval today to a government-backed bill that would require digital device and download purveyors to share technical data with any rival that wants to offer compatible Read More →


"Given the amount of code that SCO has received in discovery, the court finds it inexcusable that SCO is in essence still not placing all the details on the table. Certainly if an individual was stopped and accused of shoplifting Read More →

Off Topic

Ultra TV-B-Gone, now with a 90-foot range, and either a wonderful sketch or one of the world's most unfortunate interviews: can one of you tell us? (Thanks, Bruce) Read More →

Debt counselors bemoan launch of Google Checkout

One thing is certain in this life: Eventually, we all check out. And given a choice, we'd all like the check-out process to be smooth and painless, a friction-free transition from one state to another. Like all universal experiences, this Read More →

Have procurement start drawing up an RFP for those Net toll booths

Believers in the Internet as a free flowing, end-to-end service were talking about the end of it all today, after a Net neutrality amendment to telecom legislation was voted down in a Senate committee yesterday on an 11-11 tie. Read More →

Millions of veterans dodge bullet

That whooshing sound you heard this morning was a huge sigh of relief emanating from the Department of Veterans Affairs and 26.5 million former and current military personnel. The laptop stolen from a VA employee's home in May and Read More →


"The nerd people as a nation are my people. That means I can identify, to one extent or another, with people who are left out or disenfranchised. I've never been disenfranchised all that much. I'm speaking a little bit out Read More →

She always waved to our kids from her garden; we never dreamed she was a pirate

The Recording Industry Association of America's tactic of fighting piracy by suing thousands of its customers is as wrongheaded as ever, but at least the industry is getting smarter in its execution. Recognizing that the monthly reports of another batch Read More →
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