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It's like watching little Anakin grow into Darth Vader

Apparently you can scratch "censorship in pursuit of profit" off your list of Things That Are Evil. On Wednesday, Google plans to roll out, a version of its search service custom tailored to the specs of the Read More →

One buddy list to rule them all

Ever so gradually, we're getting closer to the holy ... well, it doesn't really rise to "grail" standards ... the holy gravy boat of unified instant messaging. By spring, users of Yahoo Messaging and Microsoft's MSN Messaging will be Read More →


"I learned some things last year, about media, about citizens, about myself. Although citizen media, broadly defined, was taking the world by storm, the experiment with Bayosphere didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. Many fewer citizens participated, they Read More →

MPAA mulls plan to sue itself

This is too rich. The L.A. Times reports that the Motion Picture Association of America, the righteous sword in the battle against piracy, is being accused of unlawfully making a bootleg copy of a documentary that takes a critical Read More →

Once Steve gave up on renaming it Jobsland, the talks went smoothly

So it sounds like a Disney purchase of Pixar is about wrapped up except for the fitting of Steve Jobs' mouse ears. Even as we speak, final touches are reportedly being put on a $7 billion deal that would Read More →

Off Topic

Sound samples of the dying songs of hard drives, and the Jacktracker, a Google Maps/Wayfaring/Gridskipper mashup that lets you track "24's" Jack Bauer around L.A. Read More →


"Two years from now, spam will be solved." -- Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in a speech to the World Economic Forum just about, oh, two years ago. Read More →

Proposed law would make fair use fairly useless

So you're feeling pretty happy about all your new entertainment gadgets and the time- and place-shifting options they offer? Life is good, right? Well, get off your complacent consuming butt and get to the barricades, because the concept of "fair Read More →

Supreme Court to RIM: Take off, eh

You'll hear some more worried murmurs today about the chances of a cold-turkey cutoff of BlackBerry service in the U.S. after the Supreme Court refused to hear a Research in Motion appeal connected with its patent battle with NTP, Read More →

Off Topic

If there's an award for best use of a choir in a car commercial, this ad from Honda UK has got it locked up. Read More →
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