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"On a good day, Apple doesn't even make it to Microsoft's level of security awareness." -- Jay Beale, a senior security consultant for Intelguardians and an expert in hardening Linux and Mac OS X systems, says this will be the Read More →

Given your record, you won't mind if we double-check the math on the settlement

Well, this has got to hurt. Nortel Networks tentatively agreed to pay nearly $2.5 billion in cash and stock to settle two shareholder class-action lawsuits brought against it after the accounting scandal that plagued it in 2004 and 2005 Read More →

Google to consumers: Better you than us

That Google's got a solution for everything, doesn't it? During a U.S. Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Internet neutrality Tuesday, Vint Cerf, Google's chief Internet evangelist, suggested incumbent telecoms, who would like to charge big Net companies a Read More →

Explosion in leech population worries scientists

It's a sad day when there's so much bloodsucking news that you have to do a bloodsucking roundup, but there's a disturbing uptake of a business model that goes something like "Offer service/product, let service/product deteriorate, charge to restore quality": * Read More →


"Among the ads that seem relatively successful, I want to single out the Michelob ad. Above is a picture showing the brain activation associated with the ad. What is interesting is the strong response — indicated by the arrow — Read More →

Apple sets record for longest "one more thing" pause

The folks who sift the entrails of Steve Jobs' speeches for subtle portents may have been left pondering when last month's Macworld ended without any changes to the iPod lineup. Was Apple standing pat with its good hand? Mmmm, no. Read More →

This call is being recorded in case you say anything humorously stupid

Need a quick laugh in your stand-up routine? How 'bout those crazy Indian call centers, eh, folks? You call 'cause your newspaper's in the snowbank and all of a sudden you're talking to some guy named "Howard" in Bangalore with Read More →

Off Topic -- a cringe-inducing collection of classic sewing and needlework projects with entertaining commentary -- and the Intel IT Manager Game. Read More →
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