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"People don't throw their panties at me."

-- Linus Torvalds explains that being an open-source rock star does not live up to the analogy.

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You know, you could have brought this up before we made fools of ourselves

Looks like Creative is about to learn the meaning of the old adage "Never bring a knife to a gunfight."  Apple has filed suit against the Singapore-based consumer electronics outfit, which earlier this week filed patent complaints against Apple Read More →

Off Topic

Video of a Dalmation riding a bike (Thanks Jennifer), NASA World Wind (Thanks Joel) and two awful corporate anthems: Target and Starbucks  (Thanks Jonesi)

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Vested interest? Whatever do you mean?

Given their business, is it really all that surprising that outfits like 3M, Cisco, Corning and Qualcomm oppose network neutrality? They are, after all, the arms merchants to the telecommunications companies; one would expect they'd be doing all they can Read More →

AT&T. Your world, delivered (to the Government).

A federal judge dealt a blow to AT&T Wednesday, ruling that secret documents supposedly linking the company to a vast domestic surveillance program can be used in a lawsuit. The suit, filed in January by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Read More →

New from Google Labs: Google Serialz

Google may soon find itself regretting its choice of name for its recommendation service. Belgian software company ServersCheck has filed suit against the search behemoth, claiming that Google Suggest "suggests" ways to find pirated versions of its Read More →
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