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Fahrenheit -451

Don't expect this technology to find its way into your home any time soon - unless you're Ted Williams. Scientists from IBM and the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a semiconductor that operates at 500 GHz - Read More →

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The truly amazing "2015: A look back"
How GoogleCorp and AmazonBay came to own the financial markets (Thanks Bruce)

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Fat, drunk (on telco profits), and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

Writing in The Weekly Standard, Andy Kessler offers an interesting solution to the network neutrality problem: eminent domain for broadband. Noting that the real issue we're facing today is the lack of true telecommunications competition, Kessler says we Read More →


"There are a lot of reviewers, they talk about the bad press I get and that is also because of the Internet geeks. If they don't appreciate what I did, they should show also that they have balls. They have Read More →

Bathybius locates Vonage share price

Vonage Vonage's attorneys certainly are earning their keep these days, aren't they? Already busy with nine shareholder class-action lawsuits related to its ill-starred initial public offering (see "Hello, Read More →

AT& T: Let your middle finger to the talking

“The commission vote demonstrates a recognition that the merger of SBC and AT&T will enhance competition, help bring new technologies to market faster, and provide real benefits to consumers and businesses. We commend the commission, under the leadership of Chairman Read More →

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