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Jobs to Schmidt: C’mon, Eric, a one-button interface! You’re halfway there!

Schmidt Google CEO Eric Schmidt joined Apple's core on Wednesday evening, taking a seat as the eighth director on the board. "Eric is obviously doing a terrific Read More →

Horns > Our Own > Tooting

As affirmation of your good taste in including us in your daily routine (and because it gives us a warm glow), we're proud to tell you that for the second consecutive year, GMSV is a finalist in the annual Read More →

Cough up the cash or the data gets it

Information wants to be free, and when it's not, it has a lot of pals on the outside ready to help it bust out. Among the developments this week in the popular and long-running episodic series: * A hack called Read More →

Thank goodness — gas prices were killing my wardriving

It's not yet been a year since Singapore announced its ambitious $3.2 billion infocom development plan, and already the country is well on its way to realizing it. Indeed, within a few months the entire island nation will be Read More →

Apparently, “legal” is a synonym for “annoying”

Ad-supported "legal" music downloads? A bold idea, and one that has won the backing of the world’s largest music company. This morning Vivendi’s Universal Music Group inked a deal with SpiralFrog, agreeing to make its catalog available to the Read More →


"We're computer scientists. We're not brilliant storytellers or content creators."

-- Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of search products and user experience, says the company is no threat to a medium with the creative talents to produce art like "Wife Read More →

Microsoft to bundle Vista Ultimate with 0% intro credit card offer

Windows Vista won't arrive at market until who knows when, but now we've got a good idea about what it will cost. Microsoft on Monday unintentionally posted the OS price list to its Canadian Web site, proving in the Read More →

Yeah, but it’s a dry heat

Scrambling to reclaim some of the ground it has lost to AMD in the server market, Intel uncrated its new Xeon chip for high-end x86 servers this morning. Previously code-named "Tulsa," the Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 7100 series for Read More →
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