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"The video game industry says Sticks and stones can break my bones, but games can never hurt me. Fine. I have a modest proposal for the video game industry. I'll write a check for $10,000 to the favorite charity of Read More →

If we were doing something wrong, how would we be making this much money?

Apple abandoned plans for an investment in a Samsung chip foundry this month, its interest quashed by reports that South Korea's Fair Trade Commission may be investigating Samsung for unfair business practices. The commission said last week it Read More →

Mmm, BlackBerry-flavored Treo

Friends are more useful than enemies -- that seems to be the prevailing philosophy at Palm these days. Late last month, the company announced it had licensed software from rival Microsoft and would unveil a Treo built on Windows Mobile Read More →

I knew it was trouble when they stopped calling us "affiliates" and went with "streaming video distribution points"

Though celebrated by many as a huge paradigm shift in how TV will be distributed and viewed going forward, the Apple-Disney deal is not universally loved, particularly among ABC's local affiliate stations, who worry that offering episodes of hit TV Read More →


"A good movie will bring you inside of itself just by the sheer brilliance of the director/writer/production staff. But in the future, you will physically be inside the experience, which will surround you top, bottom, on all sides. ... I've Read More →

Haven't had a dial tone since I stubbed my toe

The trouble with mobile devices is that they're often a bit more mobile than some of their more absentminded owners might like, wandering off with all manner of personal information at the most inconvenient times (see "Rotten luck? Yeah, Read More →

By "anonymous donor," you mean Jerry Yang and David Filo, right?

Stanford University students needn't worry themselves about the potential legal ramifications of free music downloaded from the Internet, at least for the next year. On Wednesday, Yahoo said it will offer its subscription music service to all Stanford students Read More →

No, Steven, "The Goonies" cannot be one of the three games

Steven Spielberg's new project requires a different kind of screen -- a computer monitor. The Academy-Award winning film director has inked a long-term agreement with Electronic Arts to develop three original video games. An interesting bit of convergence, this Read More →
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