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Who could tell? He sounded just like Dvorak

Bbccockup When Guy Goma showed up at BBC offices last week, about the last thing he expected was to be interviewed by correspondent Karen Bowerman about Apple Read More →

New Skype service exploits underused Voice-over-Loss-Leader protocol

Well, if this doesn't boost Skype's North American penetration, I don't know what will. This morning the voice-over-IP outfit announced a promotion that will make all calls from Skype to a landline or mobile phone in the U.S. or Read More →

Oh, Uncle Ed, not the story about the clogged pipes and the brave plumber again

When did Ed Whitacre start writing for the Associated Press? Because frankly this "High-Definition Video Could Choke Internet" story on the wire today sounds like just the sort of argument the AT&T CEO might make (see "Don't worry, Read More →

Told you we shouldn't have used the new speech-to-text tool on those docs

For a company that relishes technical manuals, Microsoft sure is having trouble writing up a decent one for Windows communications protocols. Citing the company's slow progress in resolving problems with the technical documentation it provides to licensees, the Justice Read More →


"The NSA wants to remind everyone to call their mothers this Sunday. They need to calibrate their system."

-- Security technologist Bruce Schneier last week, urging patriotic Americans to help in the NSA's ... well, we can't exactly call it Read More →

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