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As your honor will note, the proposed sentence is based on a 35-day month

In March of 2002, dissident Computer Associates investor Sam Wyly, who the year before had mounted an unsuccessful campaign to unseat the software company's board of directors, demanded that CA fire its top three executives. In a letter sent Read More →

Damn, Melinda, you know this means he'll have even more time for the crank calls

"After me, things get boring.”

-- Former Sun CEO Scott McNealy

Looks like there was a bit more to that "22-year-old rumor" than Scott McNealy has been letting on. On Monday afternoon, McNealy, one of the longest-serving Read More →

Yep, little one, there were these address things called URLs …

It may not make headlines as a landmark ruling, but a judgment by Administrative Law Judge John Spooner in New York deserves notice as milestone in the disappearance of the Net -- disappearance in the best sense. Spooner, ruling Read More →

Network hiccups are one thing, but this is projectile vomiting

If Google really does intend to become a national Wi-Fi operator, it better have a means of scaling the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard to cover large areas. Because early attempts at city-wide WiFi networks are proving a bit more difficult Read More →


"The government funded research in microdrive storage, electrochemistry and signal compression. They did so for one reason: It turned out that those were the key ingredients for the development of the iPod."

-- President Bush says Apple owes DARPA a big debt Read More →'s been Slashdotted but you can still reach the petition at

Those among you discomfited by the idea of Congress handing the operation of the Internet over to folks like AT&T CEO Edward Whitacre might consider signing up with, a grassroots effort that hopes to prevent the Read More →

Congress to improve DMCA with new Thought Crime provision

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act has become a powerful anticompetitive tool, one that time and again has been shown to hamper innovation, limit fair use and place computer security in the hands of those least equipped to administer it: Read More →

Asking us to unbundle Media Player is like asking you to unbundle Ireland

It will be the tech industry's most closely watched court case since U.S. Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ordered the breakup of Microsoft in June 2000. After months of accusations and acrimony, Microsoft finally squared off against the European Read More →
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