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Steve says to clean up that code and stop messing with the rumor sites

Apple's production of an iPod phone is no longer a question of if but when. Spend a few moments digging through the latest iPod Nano firmware update and you'll find references to some suspicious commands and variables that suggest Read More →

Ever since childhood, I’ve dreamed of the romantic life of a semiconductor designer

That's the problem with kids today -- unrealistic role models drawn from the glorified ranks of athletics and entertainment. Youngsters should be urged to shoot for something more achievable and productive, says Craig Mundie, Microsoft chief research and strategy officer, Read More →


"Get a real, memorable name. If you don’t have one now, figure out when you’ll make the switch. The world only has so much room for YubNub’s, Twttr’s, Renkoo’s,’s, CoolIris’es, and edgeio’s. Don’t believe me? Take this Read More →

Nortel restates chances of survival

Since its share price hit a 52-week low of $1.94, Nortel's been in desperate need of a bit of investor good will, which it seems to have gotten today thanks to a new partnership with Microsoft. This morning, Read More →

Vonage execs snag roles in next “people do stupid things” commercial

If things have to get worse before they get better, Vonage is right on track. The past few months have been a nightmare of ugly publicity for VoIP service provider, with charges of patent infringement hobbling its stock (see Read More →

I rented “Mission Impossible” from iTunes, and damn if it didn’t self-destruct

Itunesmovies The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is still a few weeks off, but already Mac enthusiast site Think Secret is frantically spinning the crank on the Apple rumor Read More →

Off Topic

The Vader Sessions: Episodes 1, 2, and 3.Torn by good & evil and an incestuous love affair, a lonely and depraved Darth Vader has a nervous breakdown (Absolutely not safe for the easily offended; Thanks Freddi)

Read More →

Montecito gets to party late, finds everyone paired off and making out

Can it be? Is Intel really launching its oft-delayed Montecito dual-core Itanium chip tomorrow? That's the word from the Wall Street Journal, which says the chip -- heralded by Intel as the future of 64-bit computing for as long Read More →

Tech analysts see signs of toil, trouble

If there were a color-coded advisory system for the risk of irrational exuberance, we'd be in a yellow alert right now. More analysts are starting to see more evidence of an "overhang" in venture capital -- too much money Read More →
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