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"People associate us with ... online peer-to-peer networks that swap digital music or movies illegally. But we uphold copyright laws. ... When someone shares a DVD with a friend on Napster, both end up with a copy. On Peerflix, the Read More →

And now with this unfortunate disagreement behind us, we can get on with the important business of mismanaging the Internet

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the Internet's domain name "management body" -- and I use that term loosely (see ".asinine" and "Debate over .xxx domain slowly builds toward climax") -- has finally settled its 18-month Read More →

No, that's the layout of the Halloween corn maze. This is the Itanium roadmap.

Itanium customers who initially viewed Sun's Get off the "Itanic" promotion as little more than a smear campaign are today wondering if it wasn't prescient advice, after Intel said it is delaying three forthcoming revisions of the, ahem, Read More →

Worse comes to worst, we'll spin it as a CrackBerry detox program

Research In Motion suffered another legal setback Friday in its ongoing patent squabble with NTP, one that increases the likelihood it will be forced to shut down its Blackberry wireless e-mail service in the States. On Friday a court Read More →


"These aren't the most tech-savvy people in the world. When you ask them about back-end systems, they're thinking anal."

-- Anh Tran, co-founder of WantedList, the Netflix of porn, on being named Adult Video News' "Best Online Retailer for 2005"

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Must have needed gas money to chase the ambulances, huh?

Complaints about the supposedly delicate finish of Apple's new iPod Nano have finally found their way off the message boards into the courts (see "Of course it didn't scratch on Steve's turtleneck. Those things are made out of sable, Read More →

An affair is one thing, but a secret chip startup? You bastard!

P.A. Semi emerged blinking into the daylight this morning, revealing the a secret it had miraculously managed to keep from competitors and curious spouses for two years: a new family of low-power, multicore, PowerPC processors. Designed by chip legend Read More →

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