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New from Google Labs: Google Serialz

Google may soon find itself regretting its choice of name for its recommendation service. Belgian software company ServersCheck has filed suit against the search behemoth, claiming that Google Suggest "suggests" ways to find pirated versions of its Read More →

You're right. Ripping up the Internet is best left to ICANN and Network Solutions.

Live by the sword, die by the sword, eh? Antispam software outfit Blue Security shuttered its operations Wednesday, the casualty of a weeks-long pitched battle with spammers. Developer of the “do-not-intrude registry,” a service that inundated spammers with Read More →

Hehehehe … care to field that one, Craig?

Intel's annual shareholder meeting turned into something of a roast yesterday when some angry attendees sounded off about the company's recent performance. Pointing to Intel's faltering financials, its market share losses to AMD and its flaccid stock price, one shareholder called Read More →


"The lawyer that signed the complaint against XM is the same lawyer who told the Supreme Court that ripping a CD to a PC and then to a handheld device (without paying any royalty) is lawful. He represents the same Read More →

The HP Era, not to be confused with Fiorinacene Era, known for its tar pits

HP on Tuesday reported a 50.7 percent quarterly net income increase in an earnings report that handily beat Wall Street analysts' expectations, thanks to cost-cutting measures and strong sales of PCs and printing supplies. It was a dramatic Read More →

In my defense, your honor, the product was clearly identified as "Phantom"

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has finally dropped the hammer on Tim Roberts. This morning the commission charged the former chief executive of video game developer Infinium Labs with running a scheme to artificially inflate the Read More →

RIAA lab working on ear-metering technology

If you thought the recording industry had run out of ways to alienate its customers, you'd best think again (see "Music industry to recoup alleged file-sharing losses one 12-year-old at a time"). The Recording Industry Association of Read More →

I know we can't keep her home forever, but it's a forked-up world out there

Sun Microsystems plans to open-source Java ... just as soon as it can figure out how to do it. During the opening address of the company's 11th annual JavaOne user group conference in San Francisco, CEO Jonathan Schwartz pledged Read More →
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