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FCC finally finds something about Howard Stern to laugh at

Looks like Howard Stern managed to take most of his fans with him when he left terrestrial radio for Sirius (see "Stern's move prompts FCC to start R&D on anti-satellite laser"). Problem is, some of them would rather download Read More →


"There's something magnetic about a BlackBerry and a toilet."

-- Paul Normand, president of BlackBerry Repair Shop, describes an unfortunate consequence of the teleworker's always-on lifestyle: "the BlackBerry dunk."

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Take MyWife … please!

Based on the reports rolling in this morning, it looks like the Kama Sutra worm won't be leaving too many people in compromised positions. Kama Sutra (aka CME-24, BlackWorm and MyWife) was spread through e-mail attachments that promised various Read More →

Sorry, we were just too tired to attend the hearing … yuan …

Google_china Not only are Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Cisco reluctant to stand up for freedom of speech in China, they don't particularly like talking about it either. Read More →



We will not pay for 'Loss' caused directly or indirectly by any of the following, and such 'Loss' is excluded regardless of any other cause or event that contributes concurrently or in any sequence to the 'Loss':

A. Nuclear Hazard, meaning Read More →

NTP = No Tenable Patents

Research in Motion executives are grinning into their coffee mugs this morning now that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected the last of five patents central to the ongoing legal spat between RIM and NTP. In a Read More →

What's that, your honor? I'm a complete and utter what?

A Louisiana man apparently unable to negotiate the complexities of volume control has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, claiming the company's iPod digital music player can cause hearing loss in those who use it. The case, filed Read More →
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