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A post here Monday mischaracterized potential prior art in the RIM/NTP case by taking far, far too literally the comments of Geoff Goodfellow, the entrepreneur who created it. Goodfellow's speculation that NTP hired him as a contractor to keep Read More →

And look, there's a loading dock running along the side

Applestore Ironic isn't it that the midtown Manhattan Apple Store that's inspired so much jawing recently bears a remarkable resemblance to the NeXT Cube. According to reports, Read More →

Leave the gun; take the pizzini

You don't get to be the boss of all bosses in the Sicilian Mafia without some sort of smarts, but if Bernardo Provenzano had stayed in school just long enough to take a quick cryptography course, he might still Read More →

Tolerance? Respect? Wait a second, this isn't the right site at all!

Looks like the Supreme Court doesn't want to listen to Jerry Falwell's whining either. On Monday, the high court declined without comment to hear the televangelist's appeal against Christopher Lamparello, the proprietor of a Web site critical of his Read More →

On the other hand, a crashed system is very secure

The latest batch of Microsoft security updates seems to have failed the all important "first, do no harm" dictum of the healing arts. On Monday, the company acknowledged that its KB908531 security patch, which closed a critical security Read More →


"We want to enable pets to play games in a way very similar to the way human players' play. To play a computer game with your hamster would definitely make us think about where we have come with digital tradition Read More →

Well, you said Sosumi …

Its antitrust litigation against Microsoft concluded and the accompanying settlement banked (see "News of Microsoft settlement needlessly alarms Gaza Strip residents"), is turning its legal attentions to Apple. On Monday, the developer of video and audio delivery Read More →
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