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Yeah, but it’s a dry heat

Scrambling to reclaim some of the ground it has lost to AMD in the server market, Intel uncrated its new Xeon chip for high-end x86 servers this morning. Previously code-named "Tulsa," the Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 7100 series for Read More →

Honestly, officer, this Tamagochi can’t kill anything but time

Given two big factors of life these days -- the plethora of small, sophisticated electronic devices in use and the hypervigilance over security issues -- you can be sure we'll see more of this sort of thing. Case #1: The hapless Read More →

Announcing AOL 9: The Tarnished Reputation Edition

AOL, which has been racing Dell to see who can win the bad publicity award for August, has finally pulled out in front and is making that last breathless sprint for the finish line. Tarred and feathered for posting details Read More →


"I am a 21-year-old boy with a good heart and I made a mistake. I never realized how dangerous a computer could be."

- Christopher Maxwell, the orchestrator of a global botnet attack that wreaked havoc with the Defense Department, Read More →

EBay emissary says Google pact secures “peace for our time”

Shares in eBay, which have been underperforming for quite some time now thanks to investor concern over Google's interest in the online commerce and payment sectors (see "Sounds great. Where do I upload eBay's business plan?"), will surely reclaim Read More →

And the Emmy goes to Google for its supporting role in “The Office”

And Google claims it doesn't have designs on Microsoft's core PC software business ... (see "New from Google Labs: Microsoft Office Live"). This morning the company uncrated the cumbersomely named Google Apps for Your Domain (known as GAYD Read More →

Off Topic

Ricky Gervais at Microsoft UK and Loose Car Tire on a Race Track: A tire comes off a car during a race... you wont believe where it lands Read More →

Welcome to the staff of MySpace magazine. Don’t buy a house.

Petscom Remember magazine? How about eBay magazine? The Magazine for Pets and Their Humans? No? Neither does News Corp. apparently, because if it did, Read More →

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