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"That pain in your shoulder... it's a coronary, you know..."

"Is that the sound of your kneecap crumbling?"

-- The Register imagines some of the helpful audio feedback from the Nike+iPod combo

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We think we'll make up some time by disabling the feedback feature

It's taken a few years, but it appears Microsoft has finally found a Vista development schedule it can actually stick to (see "Mulder, Scully assigned to Redmond-area Longhorn mutilation"). On Tuesday afternoon, Microsoft uncrated the "beta 2" version Read More →

As long as your broker doesn't actually try to use Vonage to place the buy order, I think you'll be fine.

With its dubious financial history - a net loss of $85 million on revenue of $119 million in its most recent quarter and a loss of $261 million on revenue of $269 million in 2005 - leadership questions, Read More →


"I think Google will be the next Google."

-- Legendary venture capitalist John Doerr shows why he's paid the big bucks.

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Bill, the executive office chair budget's spiraling out of control. You've got to do something.

When Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer championed "annual staff culls" as a business goal a few months back, urging colleagues to ruthlessly sack poor performers, I'm sure it never occurred to him that he himself might be identified as an Read More →

We'll call it … Google NonSenseTM

Its domination of the $8 billion global search advertising business secure for the moment, Google is now vying for a portion of the brand advertising business as well. This morning, the company began offering members of its AdSense network the Read More →
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