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Quattrone — isn't that Italian for "Teflon"?

Quattrone Fortune has smiled upon Frank Quattrone once again. A federal appeals court threw out the criminal conviction of the Silicon Valley financier on Monday, ruling that the Read More →

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Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog (Thanks BoingBoing)
Top X searches in myne networke:

10. John Gowere swyving a donkey
9. woolen hose
8. discounte ale
7. Kent
6. Macrobius for dummyes
5. howe to thinly veil acquaintences as fictional characteres
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"The out-of-left-field play is a Yahoo buyout of the Merc and, perhaps, the Contra Costa papers, ideally in league with employees, and to turn the Bay Area -- far and away the best place for this in America -- into Read More →

See, we've already improved our ranking in Google News

Last I heard, the Constitution gives us the right to free speech, but it doesn't guarantee us an audience. So what's this business about some parenting resource site suing Google for downgrading its PageRank? A company called Read More →


“I find it hard to believe anyone in charge of a bus capable of carrying 50 people would be safe driving with a PSP on their knees.”

-- One of British bus driver Steve Allcock's terrified yet understated passengers, who Read More →

Microsoft iPod Killer to be followed in short order by iPod Killer Professional Edition, iPod Killer Home Edition, and iPod Killer Live

What has Transmeta been doing for Microsoft? That's a question many here in the valley were asking themselves last week after flipping through the chip design company's annual report and noticing that it had signed a series of agreements Read More →

Should the Government wish to revisit this issue, the Court strongly urges it to figure out what the hell it's doing

Turns out Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL acceded to the government's request for their search records a bit too readily (see "Thankfully, we weren't bound by a 'Do no evil' clause in our company charter"). As Google showed us, it Read More →

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