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The physics behind stone-skipping (Thanks, Scot), and Pamie's, um, unconventional Valentine's poems for this year (Dear Hipster Valentine o' Mine. / Your t-shirts aren't funny. / And I hate your blog. / I'm dumping your emo ass, Read More →


"The very first time I fired my rifle, I was scared. I had never shot my gun before at an actual person. But once I pulled the trigger, that was it, I never hesitated. All I saw was the street Read More →

Programming note

I'm off for the next few days. The esteemed Dr. Murrell will be sitting in while I'm away. Read More →


"I ought to put some of your sperm in the freezer."

-- Author Thomas Beller's fiancée, after learning that he braved New York City subway tracks to rescue his fallen iPod.

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Spare change for a MacBook Pro?

Apple made it a little more difficult to hold off on that MacBook Pro purchase when it said it will begin shipping the new machines this week with faster processors than previously announced. The baseline MacBook that was to Read More →

Big deal — my leftovers get autonomous all the time

Those among you who've long believed mold to be little more than a single guy's tub toy would do well to note that the life form does have certain other ... applications. Indeed, researchers in the UK have managed to Read More →


"There’s nothing pulsing or sending out a signal. It’s not a GPS chip. My wife can’t tell where I am."

--  Sean Darks, CEO of video surveillance outfit CityWatcher, says the chips it's embedding in its employees vouch for identity, Read More →

No, no, no. The MovieBeam unit is the third set-top box from the top. Right above TiVo and below Comcast

Netflix better get on the stick and roll out its long-imminent video-on-demand service or CEO Reed Hastings is going to end up looking for work at his local Blockbuster (see "Netflix announces new video-whenever-Hollywood-feels-like-it service"). This morning MovieBeam, the Read More →

Have you met the guy who couldn't find the volume control?

RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser is probably laughing his fool head off (see "Wait a minute. Maybe Apple really is 'the Microsoft of music' "). A federal judge in California has ruled that a suit filed against Apple last year Read More →