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We're experiencing some connectivity issues down here in the GMSV bunker. Posting may be light until it's resolved. Read More →

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The Big Lebowski - Short Version (Site not suitable for the easily offended; Thanks Barry) Read More →

Judge: “Extremely Embarrassing” not the same as “Classified”

The Bush administration is going to have to work a little harder if it wants to sweep the lawsuit over AT&T's alleged participation in a National Security Agency wiretapping program under the rug (see "AT&T. Your world, delivered (to Read More →

Microsoft launches Overly Suspicious Computing initiative

Microsoft's rollout of Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), the company's latest antipiracy effort, hasn't been going so well. Back in June, WGA was criticized for phoning home every time users rebooted their PCs. In July, Microsoft was Read More →

Apple patent describes elaborate solution to iPod screen scratch problem

Itheramin We've often spoken here of Apple's "true video" iPod -- you know the one with the full-screen display that wouldn't induce hyperopia in its users (see "Read More →


"Wow. Will ya look at these friggin financials! Sales up 24%, net profit up 48%. And our EPS is 10 cents above what those imbeciles on Wall Street were predicting. Gosh. We are sooo friggin hot right now. We're like Read More →

No, Sergey, I don’t think a victory roll in the 767 is in order today

Googleadbench There's just no stopping Google, is there? After market close Thursday, the company reported a second-quarter profit that more than doubled as revenue from advertising continued Read More →

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1.html (Thanks Doug), how to assemble an IKEA computer desk  (Thanks Random) and, one from the vault: Bambi meets Godzilla (Thanks Russ)

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