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OK, who's the moron that gave Shi Tao's lawyer upload privileges?

So much for YouTube's dreams of being acquired by Yahoo. The portal player launched a revamped video service Wednesday evening that that allows individuals -- even brothers and lawyers of imprisoned Chinese journalists -- to easily Read More →

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Googleheads -- like crackheads, only cheerier (Thanks Sergey) Read More →

Hello, you've reached Vonage Investor Relations; please leave a message (Mailbox full)

It was supposed to be one of the hottest initial public offerings of the year, but like so much in the company's history, Vonage's IPO was more stumble than soar (see "Sure, I remember Vonage ... what'd they do Read More →


"The Internet has made sex-lazy men even sex-lazier where they get lost in their own world. It used to be said that men neglected foreplay, but now they are neglecting sex."

-- Phillip Hodson of the British Association Read More →

AT&T now willing to give content providers the "NSA Deal"

The bad press surrounding AT&T's cozy relationship with the NSA must have really gotten to Ed Whitacre Jr. (see "AT&T. Your world, delivered."). How else could one explain the AT&T chairman's sudden reversal on another hot-button issue these days, Read More →

Microsoft PR team: "He said what? Oh, God. Well, at least he didn't admit it was his home page."

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates kicked off the 4th annual D: All Things Digital Conference last night with the last thing you'd expect: a tacit acknowledgement that Google's search product is superior to Microsoft's. "We have to do Read More →

Wonder how all the AMD gossip and rumor sites missed this one

Interesting news, this: Merrill Lynch seems to think we may hear another big announcement from AMD tomorrow when the company meets with analysts. “Investors may not be expecting much from AMD at the upcoming analyst meeting on June 1 given Read More →

McAfee discovers options buffer overflow vulnerability in general counsel

Six months or so after losing its president, Gene Hodges, to rival Websense, McAfee is still reshaping its management team, although not exactly in the way it would like. On Tuesday afternoon, the security vendor said it fired Read More →

Aside from being a lose-lose disaster, an MSN-eBay merger has a lot of appeal

Truth is often stranger than fiction, but not so strange, I think, as to support a Microsoft acquisition of eBay. So while rumors of such a deal, like the one reported in the New York Post last week that Read More →
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