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So ya need some … “pretexting,” eh? Yeah, I think I know a guy who knows a guy.

Security Outsourcing Solutions calls its online newsletter "Corporate Homicide," but given its reported role in the Hewlett-Packard plumbing scandal, a better name might be Corporate Suicide (see "The AG in the back said everyone attack and it Read More →

Sorry, there is no cybersecurity czar. Would you care for a few scapegoats instead?

Back in February, the Department of Homeland Security held a four-day wargaming exercise called Cyber Storm, its largest-ever simulation of a multi-pronged network assault on key infrastructure systems. On Wednesday, after months of analysis, the government declared victory Read More →

MySpace to change name to MineALLMINEspace

"MySpace is a major driver of traffic to the so-called 'Internet 2.0' sites – picture-hosting sites like Photobucket and video repositories like YouTube. There is no reason why we can’t replicate that functionality and retain that traffic – and Read More →

The other in-house code name for it is FUDtv

About the only things Apple ever pre-announces are sales and revenue numbers; the company is notoriously tight-lipped about its product pipeline (see "You have to understand, Mr. Jobs is very sensitive about premature elaboration"). So it came as something Read More →


"The message body contains the following prohibited content: 'Engadget.' You must remove this content before submitting your post. When writing your message, remember to keep the language clean."

-- Cingular discovers a new profanity

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Google planning its own core network?

"Google is looking for Strategic Negotiator candidates with experience in ... identification, selection, and negotiation of dark fiber contracts both in metropolitan areas and over long distances as part of development of a global backbone network."

-- Excerpt from a Read More →

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