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We all work for Google

Maybe Santa Claus should take a page out of Google's Big Book of Business Plans -- he could just give all the kids free tools and let them build their own toys (plus some extras for his warehouse). Barely a Read More →

Apple, Samsung officially Best Friends Forever

Geez, the next thing you know, Cupertino and Seoul will become sister cities. Samsung, which is already the chief supplier of the NAND flash memory in Apple's iPods (see "Apple corners holiday memory market" and "If we were Read More →

Oh yeah? Well I've got an act for you to perform

If ever I find myself just a little too cheery and optimistic, I stop for a quick reality check-up at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where always is heard a discouraging word. And today -- as it was yesterday and will Read More →

I for one welcome our new … wait, who is it now?

Just to keep you up on the soap opera that is now our existence, the Mercury News -- source of the great tech coverage we feature on -- is among the newspapers to be sold by McClatchy to Read More →


"Signals from an uncountable number of nerve cells are smeared and lumped together by the time we are recording the brain-wave patterns. Authentication is akin to recognizing speakers from muffled voices because, for example, the speakers are some distance away." -- Read More →

Programming Note

I'm off for the next few days. The esteemed Dr. Murrell will be sitting in while I'm away. Read More →

Off Topic

Jedi Breakfast (Not suitable for the easily offended) Read More →

New from EA Games — Burnout 5: The Comeuppance

Video game giant Electronic Arts will doubtless do a better job discerning employee dedication from employee exploitation after coughing up $14.9 million to settle an overtime class-action suit filed by some of its current and former programmers. The settlement, Read More →

Steve, the accountants are asking about this content revenue from a product we don't make yet

Videoipodjurassic Get this: Word around the campfire has it that Apple is asking movie studios to create video iPod-compatible content to include on forthcoming Blu-ray discs. "Though movies Read More →

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