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As long as it doesn’t melt in your hand

Apple loyalists may have to settle for visions of the mythical iPod phone dancing in their heads, but Verizon is putting a slick, music-oriented cell into the hands of its users right now and adjusting its service plan Read More →

After this Big Dig thing, we weren’t taking any chances with contractors

Boston's drawn up plans for a citywide municipal WiFi service, but rather than turning over responsibility for the network to a private vendor as other cities have done (see "The plan looks great, but we've got a few reservations Read More →


"There have been many companies who lost their greatness post their founders. There have been many companies who went on to greater greatness after their founders. ... When did China get great? China didn't get great under Mao Zedong. China Read More →

Ratio of video-sharing sites to videos approaches 1:1

I guess the free reruns of "Chico and the Man" on In2TV didn't attract as many viewers as AOL had hoped because later this week it's launching a revamped Internet video portal that will feature YouTube-style Read More →

E3 downsizing mourned by United Federation of Booth Babes

Looks like it's game over for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), at least as we know it. Abandoned by major exhibitors, the video game industry's famously overdone annual trade show is being radically re-tooled in the hopes of Read More →

Put it this way — I’ll adopt GPL v3 when Stallman gets a haircut

Try as it might, the Free Software Foundation just can't seem to get the General Public License version 3 to the point where everyone's happy with it. The foundation released the second draft of license only yesterday, Read More →


"Google is taking over the world -- one thought at a time. An entirely original, darkly-comedic electronic musical. Librarians, DJs and zombies -- it's a brave new world that will make you laugh, cry and run home to your Internet."

-- Read More →

Steve, I swear I said “for” years. Steve. Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple's iPods are designed to last four years. This according to company spokeswoman Natalie Kerris, who is probably still recovering from the tongue lashing she got from CEO Steve Jobs for revealing the device's lifespan to The Chicago Tribune.

UPDATE: Read More →

Google GMT domain reveals company’s plan to make time itself searchable

Googlesandbox Looks like the cats have been playing hell with Google's Sandbox. Developer Tony Ruscoe went mucking in the subdomain, and stumbled across a number Read More →
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