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"Bill and Steve's Most Excellent Divestitures"


After much deliberation, a hastily convened panel of judges has issued a final list of winners in GMSV's Microsoft divestiture-naming competition. Note that entries were reviewed via a crudely assembled and entirely arbitrary rating system which awarded merit points for humor, Read More →

Sun attempts to convert mass into energy

Freshly ascended Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz began executing his turnaround plan for the company Wednesday afternoon, executing being the operative word. After market close, Sun said it will sack 4,000 to 5,000 employees -- 11 percent to Read More →

Barbara, be sure to have my grim reaper outfit drycleaned in time for the June 15 staff meeting

It was a little more than a month ago that Intel CEO Paul Otellini told analysts that Intel was undertaking a broad internal restructuring. "No stone will remain unturned or unlooked at," Otellini said. "You will see a leaner, Read More →

Vonage IPO policy: We break it, you buy it

Turns out the statement Vonage released to CNBC suggesting it wouldn't pursue customers who bail out on commitments to buy IPO shares was nothing but a cruel joke (see "Hello, you've reached Vonage Investor Relations; please leave a Read More →

Talking Schmidt

Google CEO Eric Schmidt dropped the hammer on one of tech's tantalizing rumors Wednesday (see "Here's an idea: How 'bout we DON'T call it Mozoogle," "Mozilla Developer Day actually Google Browser Rumor Day" and "Uh, Google? Mozilla? Read More →

OK, who's the moron that gave Shi Tao's lawyer upload privileges?

So much for YouTube's dreams of being acquired by Yahoo. The portal player launched a revamped video service Wednesday evening that that allows individuals -- even brothers and lawyers of imprisoned Chinese journalists -- to easily Read More →

Off Topic

Googleheads -- like crackheads, only cheerier (Thanks Sergey) Read More →

Hello, you've reached Vonage Investor Relations; please leave a message (Mailbox full)

It was supposed to be one of the hottest initial public offerings of the year, but like so much in the company's history, Vonage's IPO was more stumble than soar (see "Sure, I remember Vonage ... what'd they do Read More →
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