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AMD's Just Not That into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Semiconductor Company Merger Rumors

It looks like Advanced Micro Devices isn't going to buy ATI Technologies after all, and that reports suggesting it was going to were just wishful thinking on the part of an analyst. In late May, RBC Capital Markets broadcast a Read More →

Dangerous? Try telling that to the Illuminati.

As much as the government would like to think otherwise, it's not realistic to expect all voice-over-IP products to comply with the Federal Communications Commission's mandate requiring wiretapping backdoors for government surveillance. That's the feeling of The Information Technology Association Read More →

Designed By Apple in California. Made in a sweat-shop in China.

"... who can consider working on Apple products 'work'? Instead it is like Christmas play time every day. When you work on an Apple product, you are like an elf in Santa's North Pole! Sure you only get 50 Read More →


"People are willing to have sex with inflatable dolls, so initially anything that moves will be an improvement."

-- Henrik Christensen, chairman of the European Robotics Network at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, says some people really Read More →

"Mission accomplished," huh, Mitch?

If The Recording Industry Association of America's PR flaks were really at the top of their game, they would have arranged for CEO Mitch Bainwol to declare victory in war on piracy from aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, not Read More →

And the other 40 percent are running IE, which is essentially the same thing.

More than 60 percent of Windows PCs scanned by Microsoft's Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (WMSRT) between January 2005 and March 2006 hosted malware. This according to a new research report released by Microsoft this morning. Since it first Read More →

Google to Paypal: Say G'buy

Lucky for PayPal that Google's Gbuy service, which reportedly launches later this month, isn't meant as "a person-to-person, stored-value payments system," otherwise the online payment pioneer would really have something to worry about, eh? According to RBC Read More →