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"You have to balance the risk of not participating. And people don't realize that being in the market every day there, and being on the ground, we are seeing changes, on the whole, for the positive."

-- Yahoo co-founder Jerry Read More →


9. John C. Dvorak named product strategist
8. Steve and his Oracle pal Larry Ellison go hunting; Larry shoots Steve in the face
7. The iPhone Shuffle: hit a button, call a random number
6. iTunes for Linux
5. Solid Read More →

Of course, by "helpful," we meant "gave the staff a much needed laugh."

Ballmer_tongue Silly Europeans; always overreacting. Microsoft told a European Commission hearing on Thursday that it was in full compliance with the regulators' landmark antitrust ruling, and called Read More →

Now could you put little airbags in the earbuds in case I fall down?

The latest software update for Apple's iPod Nano and video-capable iPods is apparently the result of cross-team collaboration between the engineers and the liability lawyers. Responding to worries about longterm hearing loss (worries that for no good reason other than Read More →

New research finds P2P doesn't clog arteries

Peer-to-peer file trading may be the single fastest-growing consumer of network capacity, but it doesn't cause nearly as much network congestion as some would have us believe. In fact, says Qwest CTO Pieter Poll, fears of traffic Read More →


"For all those who lament the pre-inclusion of Internet Explorer, it's worth noting that if IE WASN'T pre-installed, most people wouldn't be able to download all that IM, media playing, or even alternative browsers such as Firefox. In other words, Read More →

Facebook founders to appear on "Deal or No Deal"

Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams must be crying himself to sleep every night. Here he can't even get $50 million for the site that launched the social networking craze, but fetches $580 million when it goes on the Read More →
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