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Google_china_1Has Google begun recalibrating its Evil Scale? If it hasn't yet, it certainly seems to be considering it. Addressing reporters in Washington yesterday, Google co-founder Read More →

Hilary hasn't been the same since that vacation on the road to Damascus

Hilary Rosen certainly has mellowed a bit since she left her post as president of the Recording Industry Association of America, hasn't she? A staunch proponent of digital rights management, first she comes out in favor of unencumbered MP3s (see Read More →

Sir, it's Ocean Spray on Line 2 — they want in on this Apple-BlackBerry thing

"I want to see the two CEOs of RIM and (Apple CEO Steve) Jobs working together. The thought of this menage a trois is absolutely hilarious." That's what Apple alumnus and venture capitalist Jean-Louis Gassée had to say about Read More →

Live by the suit, die by the suit

If Apple has its way, Creative is going to rue the day it accused the iPod maker of infringing on its patents (see "Oh ... we thought the 'iPod killer' was going to be a product"). Cupertino, which already Read More →


"Yahoo has a basic obligation not to have a point of view on basic content, and to present content ... and aggregate things and to allow people to make their own choices. I don't know how I would have felt Read More →

Too bad "Excel for Dummies" was already taken

Googlespreadsheet Google uncrated its latest indignity to Microsoft and its Office suite this morning, a Web-hosted spreadsheet program for the collaborative management of structured data. A Read More →

Adobe to Microsoft: .pdFU

Microsoft is defeaturing Windows Vista again, this time not to make a slipping deadline but to appease a rival (see "Mulder, Scully assigned to Redmond-area Longhorn mutilation"). A breakdown in negotiations last week over the use of Adobe's PDF Read More →
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