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"Eric [Schmidt] has an Anakin Skywalker conundrum." -- Marc Meyer, a former colleague of Google CEO Eric Schmidt, wonders how long his friend can stay on the right side of the "Evil is what Sergey says is evil" Read More →

Apple iProduct. You'll buy it. And you'll like it.

The "halo" effect attributed to Apple's iPod digital music players continues to bolster Mac sales according to one analyst who estimates that over one million Windows users  purchased a new Mac in the first three quarters of 2005. In Read More →

"Cisco Antagonist" is sort of an unofficial title until we get all the details worked out …

Well isn't this rich. Michael Lynn, the security researcher who lost his job at Internet Security Systems after reporting a flaw in the software that powers Cisco's Internet routers (see "We found the body in a server closet, wrapped Read More →

Well, this explains the new offices at Moffett Field …

As much as Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page insist they're not distracted by their new wealth, they clearly are. There's long been a private jet in their heads and now it seems it's finally taxiing out. The Read More →

Come for the camaraderie, stay for the 4 ASR 33 teletype

"It was the most important thing in my life and every two weeks I lived for it." That's how Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak described the hallowed Homebrew Computer Club, which celebrated its 30th anniversary over the weekend. Founded in Read More →


"Let me make a prediction. Five years from now, the blogosphere will have developed into a powerful economic engine that has all but driven newspapers into oblivion, has morphed (thanks to cell phone cameras) into a video medium that challenges Read More →

My phone? It's the new SBC-Yahoo "Ubiquity" from Nokia

With wireless data plans becoming increasingly popular among cell phone users, Internet companies are tailoring more of their services for use on mobile devices. In fact, Google and Yahoo are both dialing into the cell phone business. According Read More →

TiVo obituary shelved for time being

I guess TiVo thinks it's easier to be the Yahoo of television than it it is to be "the Google of television" (see "How many times do we have to ask? WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE ACQUIRE US?!"). This morning Read More →
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