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Word of the day: pandemic (pan-dem'-ik)

I don't want to worry you or anything, but you should know that some smart Silicon Valley money is betting big on the growing threat of widespread disease outbreaks and bioterrorism. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, has raised the Read More →

OK, kids, tonight we're going to read "How the Blogosphere Got Its Tail"

Over the past few weeks, there's been a jump in chatter about the ecosystem and social dynamics of the blogosphere, with most of it centered on the disparity in visibility and voice between the so-called A-list and the great Read More →

Australian gold-medal winner tests positive for spam

Congrats to Dale Begg-Smith, the Australian freestyle skier who placed first in moguls skiing at the Winter Games in Turin. But it takes some gleam off the gold knowing that Begg-Smith's success on the slopes was built on Read More →

Features of ESPN phone catch Beijing's eye

Walt Mossberg is a distinguished gentleman, a senior statesman among gadget gurus, so he's probably never said "WTF?!" in print, but he came close in today's review of the new ESPN-branded cell phone and service. The phone Read More →


"I think science has always been under assault to some extent. I think there are fashions in cycles in which science is attacked for a period of time and is embraced for a period of time and it’s attacked again. Read More →

Microsoft turns in homework; Negroponte turns in resignation; Measure Map and Sleepycat turn into acquisitions

Assorted news and notes:

Frankly, sir, it's your security we worry about at these events

The folks who run the annual RSA computer security conference keep inviting Bill Gates to speak, and for some perverse reason, he keeps accepting, even though, in front of this crowd, he has to talk a little louder over the Read More →

Off Topic

The physics behind stone-skipping (Thanks, Scot), and Pamie's, um, unconventional Valentine's poems for this year (Dear Hipster Valentine o' Mine. / Your t-shirts aren't funny. / And I hate your blog. / I'm dumping your emo ass, Read More →