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Sadly, the Fandango paper bag puppets just haven’t met with the warm reception we’d hoped for

Despite a big push from Hollywood, buying movie tickets online has yet to become habit for even hardcore moviegoers. Industry executives complain that online ticket sellers like aren't doing nearly as well as they'd hoped. Typical online Read More →


"I regret that Comedy Central’s ‘Daily Show’ portrayed my words the way they did. I believe that gratuitously violent video games are inappropriate for all children. However hard it may be to prove their effect in any given instance, tragedies Read More →

New from Google Labs: Google Sofa


"Larry Page and Sergey Brin are not your typical billionaires. In fact, if you type billionaire into Google, the picture that emerges — fancy cars, Read More →

Announcement of EU’s Microsoft fines delayed by construction problems with huge vault

If Microsoft feels the European Commission's fines against it were "unjust" at 2 million Euros a day, what will it think when they reach 3 million? We may soon find out. Sources close to the European Commission tell Reuters that Read More →

Don’t forget: They also make a great hibachi in a pinch

Dudeyouregettingahibachi Few PC makers these days are in more desperate need of an image makeover than Dell. Savaged for its abysmal customer support (see "The Cluetrain don't Read More →

PR’s coming down to take pictures — haul out the Tesla coil and the dry ice

We've talked before about the amusing lengths movie makers will go through to give some visual spice to largely unphotogenic uses of technology, so this plea from chemist Derek Lowe to the folks who take PR pictures in labs Read More →


“I think after a certain amount, I’m going to give almost everything I have to charity because what else can you do with it?”

--- Oracle CEO Larry Ellison explains his plans for all that money he promised Harvard

Read More →

Four megabits? Perfect for storing my favorite emoticons

Freescale Semiconductor has won bragging rights to commercial MRAM -- a memory technology that has confounded the semiconductor industry for well over a decade now. This morning the company said it has begun mass production of magnetoresistive Read More →
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