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Feeds2Be: Either you create an RSS feed, or you will be "scraped"

If your site doesn't do RSS, well, prepare for it to be "scraped." The barbarians are breaking down your gates. This is not entirely new, but the sheer number of operators who are doing this is eye-opening.

We heard about the latest operation, Feeds2Bee, via Steve Rubel, who writes a great blog called MicroPersuasion, about the impact of social media on pubic relations, and who seems to find everything first (his name, btw, is pronounced like Rub-elle, with accent on the end), including spotting SiliconBeat when we first launched in late 2004. Here's what Steve says about Feeds2Be:

An emerging category of tools has popped up that create RSS feeds for those sites that don't have any. Feeds2Be is powered by humans. They offer a directory of feeds. If it's not in the directory you can alert them and they will build a feed for the site you submit. Feed43 takes a different approach by creating them through HTML scraping.

There are a handful of other folks who are doing this, because the demand is so great. The majority of sites don't offer any sort of RSS syndicaton, but normal users are now wanting it.

Feeds2Be is different because it does it by hand. Not that there's much you can do about Feeds2Be and Feed43. If they were wrapping adsense around your content, sure, that would be actionable. Or if they were offering full-text feeds, that may also be challengeable. But if they're offering your content in excerpts and creating links to the full content, that's fair use. So you may want to get up to speed yourself.

We talked with Dor Shemer, who runs Feeds2Be. He doesn't plan to run this as a company, merely as a service, for free. He currently doesn't plan to make any money from it, though that could change if the right opportunity comes along. He does it on his spare time, and is feeling a little overwhelmed keeping up with all the requests he's getting. He's looking for people to help.

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Interesting, I find that scraping and plagiarism are huge within the blogosphere. Thus, I developed a solution that would pin-point duplicate content from a blog that had been plagiarised. What I am finding is that the community as a whole doesnt seem to see it as an real issue.

Thus, Blogwerx and its first offering Sentinel will focus more so, when a blog post has been written, it will pin-point who is discussing your blog post utilizing some of its textual content.

Is the blogs content placed on another blog? If it is then Sentinel would find it and pin-point it as duplicate content.

Tony M. on August 18, 2006 9:56 AM
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Interesting, but does it work? Feeds2Be failed to discover your own feeds at http://www.siliconbeat.com .

Mark on August 18, 2006 9:56 AM
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Feeds2Be is not designed to be an RSS index or search engine, at least not for this current beta phase. The search features searches for feeds created by the site itself, and does not return a pre-existing feed.
Therefore searching for siliconbeat should get you no results, as the site already has its own feed. However, searching for a site whose feed was created by Feeds2Be will have a result.

I see this is a common misunderstanding among new users, which is why this feature will probably change in the next version.

Feeds2Be administrator

Dor Shemer on August 18, 2006 11:26 AM
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Creating webfeeds without spam, may be easier at www.feedgit.com

nick gogerty on August 18, 2006 2:41 PM
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I like FeedFire.com, see also Wotzwot and Feedtier. Dappit.com too. This is a really useful class of tools, I think.

Marshall on August 22, 2006 12:25 AM
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