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BusinessWeek on Digg: Crash, Sizzle, Pop!


Here's an entertaining, if bubbly story about the Digg guy Kevin Rose and how he embodies the new Silicon Valley elite:

...Rose had given every last piece of himself to the project -- all his time, all his cash, and even his girlfriend, who fought with him after he poured his savings into Digg instead of a downpayment on a house. Today, Digg, Version 3, the one that would go beyond tech news to include politics, gossip, business, and videos, was going live. At 29, Rose was on his way either to a cool $60 million or to total failure...

(Minor quibble: Story uses Alexa stats -- which are very unreliable -- to say Digg is nipping at the New York Times' popularity)

(Update: More from Techdirt, on BusinessWeek's speculative reference to $200 million as the going value for Digg, citing "people in the know." TechDirt's Joe says: BusinessWeek has written the ultimate Web2.0 hype piece without the slightest hint of skepticism about the numbers that it throws around. Our sentiments exactly.)

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It seems so-o inevitable that...

Digg - YouTube and MySpace will ultimately partner oneday - and produce the ultimate Web 2.0 UGC site.......and will create their own unique Search Engine to match Google

....perhaps Murdoch will own them all

SearchEngines on August 3, 2006 10:22 PM
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Good Story.

Yet, it does sound almost a little too much like 2000 to me; at least it was written like that.

The comment made that Digg is only a news "aggregator" was pretty stupid, as anyone that follows the "old" media knows, they are overall, news aggregators also.

Even in the last couple of days companies are asking citizen journalists to make contributions that will be included in their broadcasts.

Gary Bourgeault (thealphamarketer.com) on August 3, 2006 10:35 PM
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As far as news aggregators go, I saw a demo of a site that will launch called BlueGrind.com that will rock. I think it is going to be a free service???

This site will actually read in the news from I think it was Yahoo or Google in text format and convert it to audio MP3. So I can download it and take it with me to listen to only the news that I want while driving to work.


D. Afarian (Mousepad.com) on August 4, 2006 7:25 AM
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