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Video stays hot -- Motorola to buy Broadbus?

Motorola is close to acquiring East Coast company that sells servers and other products for television-on-demand offerings, Broadbus Inc, for approximately $186 million in cash, PE Week reports.

It has raised $57 million since 1999 at varying valuations from investors like Battery Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Comcast Interactive, Star Ventures and Wolf Ventures -- so we're not certain if there was a payoff or not. But could it stoke the frenzy among Silicon Valley investors to invest in these sorts of video delivery infrastructure companies, or push big companies to more aggressively snap them up? PE Week says Cisco has targeted Arroyo Video Solutions, of Pleasanton, as an alternative. We haven't confirmed any of this. A Motorola spokesman declined to confirm or deny the deal.

Broadbus has sold to major cable providers, like Adelphia, Charter Communications, Comcast, Rogers Cable and Time Warner Cable.

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Broadbus was actually founded in 2002, not 1999. An exit of that size is pretty significant the timeframe.

Walter on July 23, 2006 7:47 PM
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Walter, not sure where you're getting the 2002 date from as founding date. Private Equity Week mentions 1999 as founding date, and 2002 as the date of a funding round. Broadbus' own web site has an article that says 1999 is founding date. See third paragraph from bottom.


That said, if what are you trying to say is that the funding came later, and that this shortens the time from investment to exit, then you are making a good point: It increases the chances it was profitable.


Matt Marshall on July 23, 2006 8:13 PM
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