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The locust swarm of bookmark sites: ActiveWeave, Blue Dot, Searchles....

It is fun to bookmark pages, and neat to share that information occasionally with other users.

From the dozens of Silicon Valley and other start-ups feverishly developing new technologies to let you do this, you'd think it is the latest Internet El Dorado. Precious little money is being made from any of these sites. They are almost all advertising based.

And yet investors keep backing them.

The latest is ActiveWeave, of San Francisco, which has been developing software to let users post notes, or stickis about a particular page and then share those notes with others.

It has received $600,000 in seed funding, and will be releasing its product this summer, according to VentureWire (sub req). If you find a Web site you are interested in, ActiveWeave provides a sticki, or little window, on it to see if anyone in your social group has commented on it. Apparently, it has a lot more up its sleeve. We'll wait to see whether it is different from the other offerings -- like Blue Dot and Searchles, which launched last week and provide a way to search your friends' bookmarks. Searchles is reportedly about to integrate with another technology, Pligg, which lets people submit and then rate site content. Then there are the other related players -- Diigo, Kaboodle, Jeteye, Onfolio, Plum, all either owned by large companies or backed by angels and/or venture capital.

Activeweave is backed by tech pundit Esther Dyson, among others.

Also new is that Seattle's Blue Dot has gotten $1.5 million in angel backing, including from former Starbucks Senior VP Don Valencia and former Microsoft Senior VP Richard Fade, according to Marshall Kirkpatrick.

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I came across another social bookmarking site for storing and sharing recipes. Its at http://www.tastycooks.com. This site is integrated with google maps to show where each recipes are from, its pretty cool. Check it out.

prabhu on July 7, 2006 8:30 AM
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Wasnt this called Thirdvoice back in the day? How bubbly!

rjv on July 7, 2006 10:25 AM
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Thanks Matt,

this is Marc Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Activeweave. Indeed we do have more up our sleeve!

We don't think of ourselves as a bookmarking tool, but as providing a social communications overlay on the web facilitating communications, collaboration and community, in-place wherever you browse.

The purpose is to help you use your ad-hoc, personally defined community to find what's relevant and valuable on the web, and even free conversations about it from your email!

You can define who "editorializes" your web, who you trust, and take them with you wherever you browse.

More soon when we launch our beta!

Marc Meyer on July 7, 2006 10:35 AM
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About the Pligg thing, not sure how that rumor was created, we don't have any plans to integrate Pligg at this time. Pligg looks cool, but honestly just learned of it today.

What we are planning is to meld our web search engine Dumbfind with Searchles in the next few months. I say meld, because I consider it to be a true mind meld. We are creating a social search engine, Searchles was really just the start of something big.

Chris Seline
Dumbfind Inc

dumbfounder on July 7, 2006 11:41 AM
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Sticki's seem like a great idea with numerous applications to enhance interaction within existing communities (increasing their stickiness) - sorry for the pun. How is this different from blogeverywhere.com?

flyse on July 25, 2006 5:27 AM
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