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Tyzx, 3D video company, rides video wave, raises $4M

Tyzx, a Menlo Park company that specializes in three-dimensional video cameras, launched with great fanfare in 2002, when its technology was leaked to the New York Times.

Four years later, the company is still refining its technology and trying to break into the market. It has just raised $4 million in venture capital from Tekata, a global auto parts giant, and says it is involved in some top-secret homeland security projects.

Using its cameras, cars, robots, toys, and other devices can discern moving objects, and distinguish almost immediately what the object is, and how fast it's going.

It is part of the renaissance that is going on in the now-hot video industry. Like another venture-backed Silicon Valley company 3VR, Tyzx says its technology can be used to identify someone entering a building and to track them. The company says cars may be the first places this technology is used, but says only by 2010 -- a long way off. It will do things like alert you if there is something behind the car as you back up. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen invested in this company earlier. The technology was used in the Stanley car that won recently the DARPA challenge.

Competitor 3VR raised $10 million in January from Kleiner Perkins, VantagePoint, and not to be outclassed in the top-secret department, from the CIA's venture branch, In-Q-Tel.

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