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Big-name Microsoft blogger Scoble moves to Silicon Valley

Scoble: "How I feel"
Robert Scoble, the blogger at Microsoft who became an internal gadfly and promoter, rolled up into one, has left the company and is coming to Silicon Valley.

He will be joining Podtech, the Silicon Valley (Menlo Park) start-up that is doing podcasts, and which we wrote about here. In his blog post, Scoble expresses enthusiasm about working at venture-backed start-up (in this case, the company is backed by USVP and Venrock), and suggests he'll be writing about the experience on his blog.

Scoble won widespread respect for the frankness on his blog, and he helped kick off a trend among Silicon Valley and other companies to sponsor corporate blogs.

We wrote Friday about how Silicon Valley is down 4-3 against China in the recent talent hiring wars. Scoring Scoble brings the valley back to par, and then some.

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You got the URL for podtech wrong. It is podtech.net.

Atul on June 11, 2006 8:12 PM
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Thanks. Corrected.

Matt Marshall on June 11, 2006 9:43 PM
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