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Tuesday essentials: Pure Digital, Friendster CEOs & other fundings

Pure Digital's cool video camera -- Pure Digital Technologies, the San Francisco start-up that came out last year with a $29 disposable camcorder, has generated some buzz with its latest release: a Point & Shoot Video Camcorder (click on image to enlarge) for $129.99, that is apparently dead simple to use, for transfers to PC, and so on -- and getting rave reviews from Walt Mossberg. This company has backing from Benchmark and others.


Those "former" Friendster CEOs do land on their feet eventually -- An early stage venture firm in SF, Texas Pacific Group Ventures, has hired Taek Kwon as an operating partner and entrepreneur-in-residence, according to VentureWire (sub required). Kwon left Friendster in February, less than a year after joining.

Opus fund now official -- Last month, we mentioned Opus, the venture capital fund that split from LightSpeed, had raised its fund. Here is official press release.

Bit9 -- This is the latest start-up to receive venture capital from Kleiner Perkins. The company has just opened an office in San Jose, and says it stops all types of malware from infiltrating a company's desktops, laptops and servers. Though Kleiner is coming in later on this $9.8M round.

BlueArc -- The high-end network storage company has just received $29 million.

TVHead -- The Mountain View company has raised $11.5 million to roll out the first on-demand television network for video games, according to VentureWire (subscription required). Bay Partners leads the round.

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I bought one of those dispossable digital cameras from the same vendor. If the quality of the video camera is the same as the digital cameras, I will save my money. It was wasted money as the quality was terrible.

Charles Ramon on June 7, 2006 12:01 AM
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I seriously doubt that such technologies would take off big time.

(1) Small time disposable cameras like these will never provide enough quality like 5 MGP with the same crisp resolution.

(2) If still cameras are a waste of money imagine what video cameras will be.

This is complete waste of money.

Harshal Vaidya on June 9, 2006 7:37 AM
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