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Google's Press Day: Google Coop, Google Trends....& Google stock drop

Google Press Day was yesterday, and our colleague Elise Ackerman attended. She writes up her account in today's Mercury news. Google, she notes, is disorganized. We knew that, but she says the disorganization has increased. Wonder if that explains Google's stock drop today (steeper than the overall market)?

Elise summarizes the new products, including the following:

1) Google Coop -- This is where Google incorporates feedback from you through something called "labeling," which allows you to influence some search results. Fans of a Web site can label it with information that alerts others to its specific usefulness, for instance adding a "side effects" label to a site about penicillin. It is like Yahoo's "My Web" service. You should go and tinker.

2) There's a new Google Desktop.

3) Google Notebook -- Not out yet (next week), but it will allow people to easily copy snippets of info they find online, similar to a feature included in Microsoft's toolbar.

4) Google Trends -- This goes beyond the Google Zeitgeist feature you may be familiar with. It is noteworthy, because you can type in a series of terms, and see how popular they are over time, via a chart, and the chart is marked showing the events/news that contributed to the rise or fall of the term's popularity. More info here.

Take, for example, the chart below showing Friendster vs. Facebook. (We don't show the news events because our screen is too small -- you can see the live page here)


The "city," "region" and other features here are noteworthy. Note that Friendster actually beats Facebook for the top cities mention. Here is what Google Trends seems to indicate: While Facebook has surpassed Friendster in overall world popularity, Friendster enjoys stronger "density" of use in those places where it is still used, such as the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.


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There was a huge amount of hype ahead of press day as it is with anything involving Google. Investors just weren't impressed with the new products. That's why the shares are down.

Jonathan Berr on May 11, 2006 12:24 PM
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Is it just me or does any one else share the opinion that Google and most of other Web2.0 products/services though geeky to roll a few eyes are pretty useless in every day life.
I don't see what major problem are they trying to solve and how am I going to benefit.
Worse still what is the revenue model for most of these apps?


Startups.in on May 11, 2006 12:49 PM
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hmm... Google is both amazing and at times not so. Brilliant programmers, mildly chaotic strategies / execution. Reminds me of a brilliant programmer's PhD thesis gone amok ( benevolently ). Yet in many ways MS is not much better, as their idea of customer service is a pack of automatons in too many cases with goals of EMAIL response time and vapid promises of fixes that are slow to materialize. Google stealth fixes are fantastic by comparison, even if email response is MIA.

I love Google email, it is slick & fast - the occams razor of online email, as any product should be.

But can an enduser configure a coherent google interface to all its products? Not yet, so the interim is messy and growing organically like its soon to be spec'd uncaged hens engs for offline Google inhouse gastronomy! (do no "caged hens eggs" evil).

Inevitably the $2B MS capital spending to combat Google's brilliant pebbles, may gain some traction, but hopefully not, as when google does get a bit more discipline in public - interfaces, coherent visible enduser google world product integration, and slightly more disciplined stockholder relations management, then Google will be unstoppable, as they rightfully deserve based on the excellent coding, and handling their superb employee talent (so far unspoken).

In short Google Rocks, will rock and despite the minor complaints, it is a superb firm....with superb products.

Mark Wendman on May 11, 2006 3:09 PM
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I believe that Google has soo many applications, that the average user may only know of like 1 or 2 (such as google earth)

I think they should have 1 big download, which includes ALL google applications (uncheck what you don't want) Each application could have a little banner of Ad's. Makes perfect sense. Each application could be launched frm the Google "Dashboard"

Brian on May 17, 2006 11:25 AM
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