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Abazab, a mobile video-sharing tool, launches; backed by DFJ


Abazab is a new Silicon Valley company (Campbell) that launches today to give bloggers and other Web site owners an easy way to let people instantly share video snippets from their mobile phones.

You can sign up for a beta (testing) account here. If you're at a concert with your camera phone, you can instantly send video, photos or other data to your blog or someone else's site, and then your friends can see that and respond with their own content. The company's announcement is here.

It works via a web-based messaging "widget," or on any Web site that can accept HTML snippets. That simplifies things because there's no software download.

The company says it is trying to play off the current craze for video sharing, and will give musicians and other artists a good way to get feedback.

Abazab says it is backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Advanced Equities and Geneva Ventures.

Abazab says its small team is an offshoot of the team that produced Festoon, originally known as vSkype, which let Skype users (and subsequently Google Talk users) connect via video in large numbers, or up to 200 people, and which also let you share other types of data and applications during a Skype call. It was also backed by DFJ, as was Skype.

If you try it out, let us know what you think.

Separate Skype action: Speaking of Skype, you can now make Skype calls over any mobile phone -- via a service offered by Soonr, a Silicon Valley company that has specialized in letting you access your desktop via your mobile phone. Called SoonR Talk, it is currently mentioned on SoonR's home page.

Clarification: Some people were asking about Abazab's relationship to Santa Cruz Networks, which was the company behind vSkype/Festoon. Essentially, this is a reformation of the the same company, a so-called "recapitalization," where things are reset, investors reinvest, and employees get a good stake in the company again. In this latest incarnation, it has raised $4.1 million from the investors mentioned above.

Santa Cruz Networks'

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