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Genius tracks your Web behavior for sales people, launches with $5M

Genius is a Silicon Valley company (San Mateo) that launches today, and wants to help sales people track your activity while you are surfing through a Web site.

It is a tad scary, and some people will no doubt call it "evil." Rafe Needleman has already jumped in with warnings.

Genius was co-founded by David Thompson, former Chief Marketing Officer at WebEx.

Genius says its customers -- companies that have something to sell you -- will become more efficient in their sales process. Here's how it works: The companies send you a link as part of a marketing pitch, and you click on it to find out more information about the company's product. While the link takes you to the company's Web site, Genius is simultaneously tracking your activity, so that sales people may get more insight into what you're likely to buy. Genius argues that they can reduce the number of unwanted solicitations this way.

The problem is that Genius does not require its customers to offer an opt-out to users, so they may be crawling sites without knowing they are being tracked.

Six weeks ago, the company said it got $5.1 million in a first round funding, led by Emergence Capital Partners and Walden International.

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Very good tool, excelent idea :-)

Felipe on May 2, 2006 5:43 AM
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