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Why alternative energy market is hot: $130 billion to be created in 8 years


If you can believe its numbers, Clean Edge, an alternative energy research group, is showing that an additional $110+ billion market will be created in alternative energies (fuel cells, biofuels, wind power and solar) over the next eight years. That's more than $13.5 billion each year. Where else in the global economy are you going to see such creation? Where else are venture capital firms going to find companies to invest in that can target a $1 billion market? Beats us. That's why Doerr & Co. are beating the drum.

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Energy costs now take up 6.2 percent of household spending (registration required) in the United States, up from 4.2 percent just a few years ago, and represents a 15 year high.

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Current legislation in California to cut emissions will further drive interest, investment and innovation in environmental technologies. Strong legislation can be a powerful force in helping to drive and shape the market, especially if other states adopt similar pieces of legislation.

Penguin on April 5, 2006 9:13 AM
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