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Mobber launches -- Mob the Web!


The chat tool revolution continues with the launch of a new feature called Mobber.com

(Last week, we covered the launch of Gabbly, which is a chat box that you throw up on any page, by typing in http://gabbly.com/ before the normal URL. You can do this even if you are not the site administrator, and then chat with anyone else who does the same.)

Mobber gives bloggers more control over their own site. You the blogger choose to paste a line code in your blog software. And Mobber is different because it creates a box that let visitors create a personal profile -- complete with photo -- and then lets them chat with people who are present on the site. So it gives you more than just a text name. Everyone is shown in a slidebar on the site, and you can choose you click on to have a one-on-one. ("Shall we take it off-line, baby?") It is apparently the latest creation of San Francisco-based Naval Ravikant, who is on a pretty amazing roll right now -- having recently settled the Epinions case against two-big name venture capital firms, launched a serious Web site, Vast, just last week -- and now this. (Clarification: Naval notes that although he was involved, it was mostly the work of Al Lieb, Jon Kibera, and Tom Fallows.)


In fact, you can see Naval's profile here (far right-hand side), which we snapped at about 1:15am this morning -- suggesting Naval is quite the night-owl. Here's the site's wording:

Mobber's patent-pending software shows you who's on a particular web page, allowing you to chat with them privately or in a group. We make the web a two-way real-time medium. Got a site, or online profile? Add Mobber to it in under 5 seconds. Go on...mob the web!

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Thanks for the post, although I can't take that much credit. I'm involved, but most of it was done by Al Lieb, Jon Kibera, and Tom Fallows.

Naval Ravikant on March 24, 2006 8:49 AM
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Naval, thanks for this. I've "clarified" this in the post.

Matt Marshall on March 24, 2006 9:38 AM
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"Mobber's patent-pending software [...]"

Patent-pending?!? I'd love to see what that patent covers. Integrating real-time chat on a webpage? Prior art: 3bubbles.com, easily.

I really hope Mobber's patent strategy is defensive in nature, otherwise I hope that patent gets thrown out.

Dossy Shiobara on March 27, 2006 3:28 AM
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