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Metaweb, another Danny Hillis nerdvana?

Danny Hillis
More on MetaWeb, the secretive San Francisco start-up we pointed to yesterday. It has raised $15 million from big-name venture capital firm Benchmark and others.

As we mentioned, the company is a spinout of from Applied Minds, and was founded by Danny Hillis. Turns out, this guy Hillis is quite a character, as John Battelle points out. Here is a snippet from Battelle's blog item from over a year ago, describing his visit to Hillis at an outwardly drab area in southern California's Glendale:

In fact, the place felt a bit cramped and claustrophobic...That all changed once Danny came out to meet me. After chit chatting for a few minutes, he took me to a small room - no wider than my outstretched arms - at the far end of which stood one of those classic red English phone booths. We stepped inside - a bit cramped - and Danny lifted the receiver and dictated a passphrase of some sort. Presto - the rear wall of the booth opened, and we stepped into - nerdvana...

If you read the whole item, you'll see why MetaWeb might be yet another playground here in Silicon Valley. Got to love this place. Pulling in the best from all over -- still.

And here's the release about the funding.

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A rational reason venture capital is going to invest in a company, the guy running it is a Dr. Who freak. I guess that's as good as it gets in Silicon Valley.

Red Rat on March 15, 2006 12:25 PM
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what's metaweb trying to do?
another meta search engine?

sdrow on March 16, 2006 10:09 AM
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I have no clue. We'd be interesting in knowing ourselves.

Matt Marshall on March 16, 2006 10:56 AM
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