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Kleiner's secretive battery-ultracapacitor company, EEStor

Kleiner Perkins, the well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firm, is backing an obsessively secret company called EEStor, which says it has developed a battery-ultracapacitor technology that "blows away" current lithium-ion technology in all aspects of performance.

See the story here by Toronto Star's Tyler Hamilton.

The company doesn't even want its response published, but Toronto Star publishes it anyway:

"EEStor is not making public statements at present time," company co-founder and chief executive Richard Weir replied when the Toronto Star requested an interview via email. "EEStor would also like to have you and your paper not publish any articles about our company and the Toronto Star is certainly not authorized to publish this response."

This isn't entirely new. We mentioned EEStor before, pointing to a piece that said Kleiner had led a $3M investment into the company. But Toronto Star has more details.

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EEStor sounds great or at least the claims do and of course, Kliener's no dummy...BUT anybody have insight into energy density not Wh per kg. BUT Wh per Litre. In short: What is the energy footprint; how big is this thing per kwh. Is this a pound or lead or a pound of feathers in size? Big difference!

Red on April 1, 2006 10:29 AM
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If the capacitor operates at high voltage, then we have the patent(s) pending power supply technology to go along with it.

Sorry at the time of this writing our website was undergoing a redesign, the high voltage to low voltage power supply technology is on the page ( 1/2 way down) on our "custom_work" page. email: dave@stonepathpower.com


D. Kelly on August 17, 2006 5:12 PM
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