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What's going on at Google?

This company is falling apart at the seams. Or maybe Google is just proving to be the playpen it has always tried so hard to be.

Lately there's been several bungles where the company has released data when it was not supposed to, and public comments that it has to send out a press releases to correct.

But this latest one (free registration) seems to take the cake:

Google accidentally released financial details about its business operations on its Web site last Thursday, during an analyst meeting where company executives defended the company's practice of not releasing such information.

According to documents filed Tuesday afternoon with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Mountain View-based Internet titan inadvertently posted speaker notes that had been prepared a few months earlier for an internal presentation on product strategy.

The notes, which were posted on Google's investor relations Web site, described the company's core Internet advertising business as ``healthy and growing'' and ``on a strong trajectory.'' The notes said the business was ``projected to grow from $6 billion this year to $9.5 billion next year based purely on trends in traffic and monetization growth.''

We reported on the GDrive thing Monday.

Finally, more oozes out about Google's calendar. Mike gets the details, even though he says Googlers and other testers of the so-called CL2 project are under strict orders not to divulge anything to outsiders.

And this is all happening at a company worth $100 billion -- though even that figure is something the company is playing with us about (scroll down).

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