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MeeVee's TV search and planner -- raises $6.5M

Burlingame start-up MeeVee lets you search for TV programs and other video programming, and then gives you a way to set up your own personalized page, based on a planner, so you know when the programs you want to watch are coming up. It lets you share this with other people.

A settings page lets you tell MeeVee which cable and other video services you get, so MeeVee can help you organize.

It has raised $6.5 million in a second round of venture capital led by Labrador Ventures.

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From: SiliconBeat
MeeVee wants to be your TV Guide: Raises $8 million more
Excerpt: MeeVee, a Silicon Valley company (Burlingame) that lets you search for TV programs and other video programming online, and then lets you organize it in a personal planner, has raised $8 million in a third round of funding. The company has now raised a...
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