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Catchup Monday -- The Oracle-SAP scramble, etc.

Sex in the digital City -- Yep, SF is hosting a "Sex in Video Games" conference and it has sessions like "Pleasing the Player: What Emergent Sex Can Teach Developers." SF is a great place for this: Will help lure all the nerds from the male-heavy valley into the City, where there's a surplus of women.

Oracle's open-source shopping spree -- Oracle is apparently in talks to purchase at least three software companies, two of them privately owned here in Silicon Valley. BusinessWeek has the scoop. We also heard Friday that Atlanta-based JBoss might be looking for up to $500 million, but that Cupertino's Zend is close to a done deal at $200 million. Not sure about Sleepycat, which has been indeed sleeping well every night while building out its little database product over in Emeryville. Interesting that Zend was invested in by Oracle competitor, SAP.

MySQL raises cash -- Speaking of which, SAP isn't waiting around. MySQL, the open source database company, told us it has completed an $18.5 million third round of financing led by...

Menlo Park's Institutional Venture Partners, Intel, Red Hat, SAP Ventures, and Sumitomo's venture group.

Real-time chat for blogs -- Interesting idea. Stowe Boyd has the details. Founders: Drew Golkar, who dropped out of college to pursue 3bubbles, and Jeremie Miller, inventor of the Jabber protocol.

The Google premium? -- So there's this rumor that Google &Yahoo are seeking to buy Chinese blog company, Bokee. It is reported by China Times; we're not certain how much weight to give it. Anyway, it says Google willing to pay US$160 million for Bokee, while Yahoo willing to pay US$200. Does this mean that Google's coolness factor gives it up a leg up on acquisitions now? Both Google and Bokee refused to comment on the rumor.

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