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Fon's phony reference to Speakeasy?

We're not sure why there's all this hullabaloo between Fon, the new "WiFi Nation" company and Speakeasy.

People are reporting that Speakeasy is demanded a retraction from Fon because of the claim it made of an agreement with Speakeasy to allow its WifFi service to be...

accessed via the ISP.

We talked with Fon's Martin Varsavsky last week before the announcement (here's our initial piece), and asked him about the thorny issue of working with ISPs in the U.S, and how customers here would get FON to work. He said that Speakeasy had "allowed FON" to operate, and that customers should "contact your ISP to make sure they are fine" and that they could mention that Speakeasy had accepted use of Fon.

We still don't see any sign from Speakeasy's side that this isn't the case.

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Speakeasy is not our partner. Never was. That was a mistake that the press made. Our partners are Skype, Google, Sequoia, Index Ventures. But Speakeasy terms of service, as far as we interpret them, do allow the use of FON. And this is what their CEO told me when we spoke.

Martin Varsavsky on February 9, 2006 3:30 PM
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