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Newroo the latest start-up to help bring order to news; the Web 2.0 peak is nigh

For those interested in following all the disparate venture capital news out there on blogs and other online sources, a new San Francisco start-up called Newroo wants to help you sort through the morass. Michael Arrington has the scoop.

The company apparently hasn't launched yet (we'll try it out, and point to it, once it is up in about two weeks), but Newroo wants to find a new way to rank interesting stories in a number of topic areas, with venture capital being one of them.

The basic engine is like Memeorandum - they index and group blog posts based on topics in order to show emerging news in near real-time and to show distributed blog discussion in a single place.

We must now be nearing the peak of this Web 2.0 boom. Remember how many...

pet food dot-coms there were in 1999? Remember how many diskdrive companies there were a decade or so before, and how many PC companies there were as investors scrambled to fund them -- as part of a mad land-grab and before people figured out which one was best? It is the same now with all these cool, jazzed Web 2.0 companies, whether you are talking online news aggregrators, RSS plays, online advertising, blog search, customize e-commerce, online classifieds -- you name it.

It is great to see Michael covering this space well. Look at how many players there are in just the news aggregation area already.

We say "nigh" to the peak, because it feels like we still haven't gotten there. Technology is being developed, and there's lots of tinkering and refining to be done before the pieces finally fall into place.

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Hopefully we're not the TheGlobe.com IPO of Web 2.0; I'd at least like to have a party on John Battelle's roof before it all come crashing down (we were a bit to young the last time...)

More seriously, while some of Newroo's core technology is memorandum-like -- at least in what it accomplishes, since we're differnt algorithmically -- what we're trying to do is very different from what Memeorandum is trying to do. We've building tools for a different group of people.

Anyway, we're definitely excited to see what you think very soon.

Dan Gould on February 7, 2006 9:22 AM
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I saw a demonstration of Newroo, and I really liked what I saw. Kudos to them; I look forward to the public launch.

And I agree with Matt's observation that there's still lots of tinkering and refining to be done. This is one of the fun things about participating in a boom! :)

Adam Rifkin on February 9, 2006 7:31 AM
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I am interested to see what they have come up with, it seems as though the site is not "open for business" as of yet...

Andy A.

Andy A on May 1, 2006 11:42 AM
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