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Sex.com sold for $14 million


Silicon Valley bad boy Gary Kremen has apparently sold the domain name Sex.com for $14 million to Boston-based Escom LLC, according to a report by XBiz.

We figured something might be up yesterday, when we got a change of address notification from Gary, which said he was moving to Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. We haven't been able to confirm this firsthand with Gary (Update: We've since talked with Gary, and he confirmed it), but a source from his company, Grant Media, told XBiz that sales for the Sex.com will be handled through Grant Media's San Francisco offices.

While other terms of the acquisition remain unknown, XBiz was able to locate information on the deal through a company called InternetRealEstate.com, which shares office space in Boston with Domain Name Acquisition Group (DNAG), a company that was involved in a lawsuit surrounding the Sex.com domain in September.

(Via Slashdot)

Given the decade-long fight Gary had to secure the URL, which he only recently won (as we last reported here), maybe he thought it was high time to get rid of it through a nice sale.

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This reminds me of when Gary asked me to register a bunch of domains for him way back when they were free.

Chris Marinio on January 19, 2006 10:56 AM
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Bay Boy?? Bad would be yelling at John Doerr. I am so insulted :-)

Gary Kremen on January 19, 2006 1:28 PM
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