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Google's TV ad plans

Robert X. Cringely has been swatting them out of the park lately with his Google columns. The latest one is a must-read, too. It envisions Google doing for TV advertising what it's done for online ads. To wit:

Google imagines a world where only single people see match.com ads, and people who can't drive see ads from taxi companies where others see Toyota campaigns....Google is going to let the telco and cable companies burn their capital building out IP-TV, knowing that Google will still be the only game in town for the crux of the whole thing: the ability to show every viewer the specific ads that companies will pay the most to show him at that specific moment. What Google wants to do with these trailers is SERVE EVERY TV COMMERCIAL ON THE PLANET because only they will be able to do it efficiently. Only they will have the database that converts those IP addresses into sales leads, only they will have the servers and disk space close enough to the viewers to feed the ads. Only Google will have the chops to run a constant, real-time auction for the next ad every consumer is about to see, and then serve that ad at the moment the program goes to commercial.

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ps. tengee.com does NOT associate IP addresses with search terms.

Raul Lopez on January 7, 2006 8:44 AM
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The benefits of targetted advertising are clear. What gets little discussion in the media are the potential dangers. Foremost among these is a greater separation of the classes.

Imagine, if you will, that Google's database and "profile" of consumer X determines that they are lower-middle class, sports fan, rent/lease, low financial position, no strategic investment history, involved in the local community, never yet voted. Now, what to target at them? Well, let's not bother showing them international news (unless sensational), investment options, out-of-market job opportunities, etc. Instead, let's show them beer and cigarette ads, sports programming ads, maybe some tv/movie ads, and payday loan company ads.

Do you see where the media "targetted" toward this consumer is taking them? In a world where everything we see is targetted, our opportunities to grow beyond our current class/station are restricted by a simple lack of exposure to the inputs seen by the upper class. Likewise, in reverse, the upper class may become ignorant of the types of stimulae seen by the lower classes (to an even greater extent than today).

This discussion deservers more attention. Above all, consumers MUST be allowed the ability to browse and view media in an anonymous profile where targetting is eliminated.

Michael Flood on January 9, 2006 7:12 AM
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