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Mountain View accepts Google's offer for city-wide Wifi

City leaders unanimously accepted Google's offer Tuesday night to make Mountain View the first city in the Bay Area -- and possibly the country -- to get a full umbrella of free WiFi coverage. Google will install as many as 400 transmitters the size of a shoe box on streetlamps throughout the city....(story in Merc)

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Wired ran an article last month about Hermiston, Oregon having an umbrella of wireless coverage. The difference is Hermiston it is only free for consumers:

"While his service is free to the general public, Ziari is recovering the investment through contracts with more than 30 city and county agencies, as well as big farms such as Hale's, whose onion empire supplies over two-thirds of the red onions used by the Subway sandwich chain."


Merrick on November 17, 2005 7:49 AM
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