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Age of mobile buzz indeed

A Pleasanton start-up, Buzzage, has raised $2 million in first round of venture funding, according to VentureWire (sub required), though it continues in stealth and won't say much about what it's doing.

Funding was from Storm Ventures and Labrador Ventures. Chief Executive Michael Cerda simply says the company is developing "voice services for consumer mobile applications," and might involve telephone numbers and social applications. Though this entry on the company's blog suggests Buzzage is focused on SIP, which it calls the "3rd great protocol," and which ushers in the so-called "URI."

With SIP we have the URI. The URL points to a web address and the URI will eventually be my catch-all address for everything...phone #, e-mail address, IM, fax, video, etc. I'll eventually have the means to control who gets to contact me and how

And U2's Bono, and his dabbling in technology investing, is driving these mobile guys wild. At his concerts, people pull out their phones, and send text messages to the One campaign. This Buzzage blog entry reflects the preoccupation. And Pankaj Shah, the chief executive of Palo Alto start-up 4INFO told us last week he'd been to six U2 concerts in eight days! In fact, one of us (Matt) will be in New York Monday night for the U2 concert -- along with Treo -- and will see what this is all about.

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Hemendra Godbole

hemendra godbole on May 21, 2006 3:19 PM
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Wow!! TalkTrust is cool. I loved the concept.
It was really easy to open an account and start using it right away..
Sadly, I couldn't check out Buzzage since its still in beta.


Rebecca on May 24, 2006 11:05 PM
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