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U2's Bono shouts out Doerr's name


Bono must really be having some fun with his new friends at Elevation Partners, the Silicon Valley private equity group where he is now a partner, and where the pace has picked up recently.

During Wednesday's U2 concert at the Oakland Arena, he called out the name of John Doerr, one of the valley's leading venture capitalists. (The connection: Roger McNamee, a partner of Bono's at Elevation Partners, has credited John Doerr, one of the valley's leading venture capitalists, for helping him learn key tricks of the trade.)

We're wondering what Bono went on to sing afterward: "All Because of You"?

By the way, the item comes from a new set of bloggers at TheDeal. They apparently launched in May. Hard to believe we haven't noticed them until now (via alarm:clock).

UPDATE: An astute reader points out in comment below a more likely reason for Bono's shout.

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I was at the show on Tuesday night. The crowd was a sea of cell phone cameras. During the show Bono acknowledges all the phones and has people text their names and pledges to his charity. Between the finale and the encore all the names of pledgers scroll across the jumbotron screens. Sure enough, one of the hundreds of names scrolling by was: John Doerr.
My wife wondered aloud how much he pledged. It would appear that the Wednesday night call-out was his thank-you.

Funny, I know some VCs who party like rock stars, but I can't quite picture it the other way around.

mike on November 13, 2005 12:01 PM
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Hope it's okay if an anal U2 fan corrects one thing in Mike's comment. :-) When you text your name during the show, all you're doing is joining The ONE Campaign. You're not making a financial pledge to any charity or group. The whole idea is "we want your voice, not your money."

Matt on November 13, 2005 5:53 PM
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I was at the Wednesday show and heard it -- it actually made me think about how many Elevation/VC meetings Bono squeezed in while he was in town. I imagine he either met with Doerr or John was at the show.

Jon Greer on November 15, 2005 2:22 PM
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