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4INFO, and the story of how mobile is hot

by Patrick Tehan
Here's our Mercury News story (free registration) today about 4INFO, the Palo Alto mobile phone search engine company. It tells the story about how Pankaj Shah (left) raised his money.

The story is also part of the Venture Capital Survey carried in today's Mercury News, which is about the bubbly portions of today's internet industry. Besides the general area of "Web 2.0," mobile is the other hot spot, as this story explains.

If you want more on tech trends in this sector, Russel Beattie is covering the mobile Web as closely -- and entertainingly -- as anyone. See this post of his for why he thinks the U.S. is about to see a revolution of sorts.

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I believe that Mr. Shah received funding based on his proven ability to execute a business plan, as his idea is not new or elegant. A simple menu-based interface would be better than clunky test messaging. Once again, investors are throwing money at simplistic, been-there concepts.

cleerview on November 13, 2005 1:23 PM
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