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Kevin Burton's TailRank-a-thon

We ran into Kevin Burton a couple of weeks ago at Web 2.0 as he was formulating a plan to raise money for his start-up, sans venture capital. The result is this PBS-like funding drive aimed at users.

"The real question is whether a startup can be funded solely by donations and ad sales. I'm not sure. It's an experiment I'd like to try. Right now we've made $80 in less than 24 hours which at this pace seems like it would be self sustaining."

Burton raised $300 through Sunday - probably not enough yet to shake the foundations of Sand Hill Road.

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Not enough yet... I still think its possible. The trick really is to get the meme to spread. There are a lot of demonstrations of this working in the past (Kuro5hin and Wikipedia being examples) and the trick would be to duplicate this effect.

Kevin Burton on October 24, 2005 3:02 PM
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