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Google taking bids for GoogleNet


googlenet2.jpgOm stays on top of Google's communication network plans:

Following up on my GoogleNet piece, Google is now seeking bids for a nationwide optical network. IP Media Monitor has details here. IP Democracy reports‰¥Ï

The vendors who have seen Google䴜s fiber network RFP say that the nature of the network can really only mean that Google ultimately hopes to push massive amounts of voice, video and data close to the end user.

Update: The coin just dropped on another reason Google is interested in all of this. See this story:

Some analysts even believe phone calls will be listed among the results from using search engines design to mine information stored on someone's computer.......By treating the phone calls just like a Web page, e-mail or Instant Message, VOIP service providers create yet another Internet-based application for search engines to capture, archive and search.

And more from Om Malik on Google's Secure (WiFi) Access Tool.

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