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PodShow's first acquisition: Podcast Alley

podcast_alley_logo2.gifPodcast Alley, the grassroots podcast directory that played a big role in spurring the popularity of podcasting, has been acquired by PodShow. The deal happened last month, we're told, and founder Chris McIntyre is already making the move from Nashville to San Francisco.

This is the first acquisition for PodShow, the podcasting company started by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom to commercialize podcasting. It comes less than a month after we learned that PodShow had received a round of funding from Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia.

PodShow's business model centers around promoting podcasts and finding sponsors for them. It also works with mainstream media companies to help them produce and distribute podcasts (the company has worked with Paris Hilton and is currently working with director Spike Lee).

The deal is a marriage of two of the podcasting pioneers. Curry is viewed by many as the originator of podcasting. And Podcast Alley has been one of the key players in the still-young podcasting ecosystem. Podcast Alley has nearly 7,000 podcasts and 120,000 podcast episodes in its directory. For podcasters seekng fame and fortune, a spot in Podcast Alley's top ten list is one of the most coveted prizes (along now with Apple's new iTunes podcast directory).

Since Adam Curry lives in Europe and Ron Bloom's home base was in Florida, we wondered where PodShow would set up shop. It turns out it's San Francisco's South of Market area, not far, coincidentally, from the headquarters of podcasting start-up Odeo. Curry has apparently vowed to spend a lot of time in California, and Bloom has already moved here.

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Excerpt: We'll see how well they scale up to a large number of users. They have boatloads of money, but if money was all it took, then Technorati would load in a hurry.
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PodShow Acquires Podcast Alley
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From: NevOn
Podcast empire-building
Excerpt: Silicon Beat: Podcast Alley, the grassroots podcast directory that played a big role in spurring the popularity of podcasting, has been acquired by PodShow. The deal happened last month, we're told, and founder Chris McIntyre is already making the move
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PodShow Aquires PodcastAlley: Nothing Changes
Excerpt: Less than a month after I suggested that Chris McIntyre should be throwing a fit, he no longer has to. It looks like PodShow.com has made their first aquisition, using thier $8.85 million of funding, by taking hold of PodcastAlley.com. It sounds like ...
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Must suck to have your web site fall down on such a big announcement day and they had a database crash the other day. :( The site has had a lot of downtime since iTunes launched podcasting in version 4.9. Let's hope some podshow money will buy a few racks of redundant servers and not have the same downtime as Curry's other two web sites (curry.com & ipodder.org) which are also constantly buckling from the strain of traffic.

Podcast Shuffle on September 7, 2005 2:11 PM
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Congrats to Chris! This will most likely be a good match.

He was very instrumental in helping the community to form around podcasting. Does anyone know if they are looking to acquire a web service for podcast production, promotion, pinging, distribution and hosting that is focused on business podcasting services? We have been around since Feb and could use some additional funding.

Rodney Rumford
Founder: http://www.podblaze.com

Rodney Rumford on September 7, 2005 11:37 PM
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