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We made a list!

Because there is utterly and completely no ego whatsoever involved in the making of this blog, we will refrain from mentioning that SiliconBeat made Feedster's just announced Top 500 blogs list. Especially since we realize the list could be seen as a shameless self-promotion on the part of Feedster, intended to elicit free plugs from blogs such as this. But mostly, we're not going to mention it because Scott Rafer isn't handing out free toilet seats, as any self-respecting list-maker would.

Actually, we knew if someone made a list long enough we could eventually worm our way on to it.

(Political aside: Interesting to note how close conservative blogger Michelle Malkin and liberal blogger Arianna Huffington are on this list, #10 and #12 respectively. There's no competition there, no sirrree.)

If you're looking for more sober-minded thinking on this list and blog lists in general, there's plenty of it here, here and here.

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From: Venture Chronicles by Jeff Nolan
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Jason's updated thoughts are here:


Scott Rafer on August 16, 2005 6:14 AM
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At least we now have a second list!

When we have five lists like this we will really start to understand the number of links people really have and the impact of those links.

Competition is going to be great for Feedster/Technorati/PubSub/Icerocket... if only Google and Yahoo would join the party!

Jason on August 16, 2005 7:40 AM
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Isn't it interesting that the Huffington Post isn't even in the top 100 over at Technorati despite its rather obvious (very recent) popularity? Malkin is #23.

May the debates about the relative merits of lists be endless!

Eric on August 17, 2005 1:28 PM
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