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Cisco: "You guys are lying....We don't believe you."

cisco.jpgYou're probably aware of the controversy created last week by Mike Lynn's presentation on a vulnerability in Cisco's Internet router software.

Now it's time to hear Lynn's take on the whole debacle. In an interview with Wired News, Lynn explains the origins of his presentation and reveals that it was originally developed with cooperation from Cisco. "So (our guy) calls up ... Cisco and says, OK, we aren't 100 percent sure that we found the same bug that you're talking about, but it's important we find out because the one we found has much, much greater impact," Lynn recalls. "You said there's (the possibility) of a denial-of-service attack. But the one we found is fully exploitable. Cisco said, 'You guys are lying. It is impossible to execute shell code on Cisco IOS.' ... They said, 'We don't believe you...'

(Via John Paczkowski over at GMSV)

Ok, so that's Lynn's response to Cisco's response. We're wondering now how Cisco will respond to Lynn's reponse...

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