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Audioblogging on SiliconBeat

A little multi-media experiment here. We've set up an audio line where readers can phone in comments or other news that might appear on the blog. We've posted audio excerpts of interviews before, and they've been well received. But we want to give our readers a chance to sound off - literally - on the blog also. It works like this: Call the number below, punch in the pin number and follow the prompts. There's not really a time limit, but as Shakespeare said, "Brevity is the soul of wit.'' If it's interesting, we'll post your audio file here for all to hear.

We're open to any and all suggestions as to how audio could complement the blog. As we noted before, we're intrigued by what Fred Wilson is doing with his audio elevator pitches.

Have at it.

To record an audio moblog, dial 1 (214) 231-2915. When prompted, enter the PIN 162 783 152 #. Then follow the prompts. When asked, please choose option 2, "record but do NOT publish." Be sure to hit the # key when you're done talking.

(The permanent instructions are here and we'll have a link in the sidebar, too.)

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