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What? No start-ups in Venice Beach?

We're not entirely sure of the utility of this, but Ben Kuo of socalTECH.com sends along word of his Google Maps/VC funding mash-up. It lets you see where the VC funding dollars are going. Alas, it's Southern California only. How will we know which city is the start-up epicenter of the Bay Area?


You can begin your own map of your own. Pinpoint the VCs in the valley bookmarking and tagging them on a map a-la-del.icio.us with Tagzania, the site that we deployed last week. People are mapping their own mash-ups right now. Check the examples.

Moreover, we have Virtual Earth --> Google Maps integration right now, bookmark in one place, see in the other, but all saved in your account. That's how we uploaded your location. Cheers from the Basque Country!

Luistxo on July 26, 2005 4:20 AM
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