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New Silicon Valley VC bloggers: David Cowan, Nivi and the Venture Company


cowan.gifDavid Cowan (pictured left), partner at Menlo Park's Bessemer Venture Partners, has started a blog called Who Has Time For This?. And Nivi, a venture consultant to Atlas Venture in Boston who blogs about VC and tech stuff, tells us he has moved to SF and "will joining a venture fund or startup out here soon."

Cowan started last Tuesday, and he's off to a rapid start, blogging almost daily. He's talking a lot about security start-ups. We've only counted seven or so active Silicon Valley VC bloggers (see blogroll), so this is still relatively rare. Of course, there are several other valley-based bloggers who qualify as "angel" investors, making smaller "seed" investments; we're talking here about real VCs.

Cowan kicks off: This is the blog of one fortunate son of a bitch who is paid to ruminate on the future and charged with a budget to back up his dreams.

Here's his bio and his background tidbit on Bessemer. (The Cowan news comes via Jeff Nolan; indeed, while Cowan apparently has got attitude, we'll see if he can outdo the witty Nolan...)

nivi.jpgNivi, meanwhile, says he has two U.S. patents and that one of them has been licensed to a startup funded by Vinod Khosla. He also points us to his paper in Science. Clearly, he's not your conventional venture capitalist -- he's the long-haired guy playing the drums, and has a healthy portion of attitude too.

He's an active blogger, and has come up with some interesting ideas, including a feed that will deliver a host of other VC blogs to you, called The VC Channel, and something similar called The Entrepreneur Channel. He's also created a little application to track dealflow.

georges.gifWhile we're at it, there's the blog of Georges van Hoegaerden, managing director of Palo Alto's The Venture Company, which consults start-ups.

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