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Sunday morning links

--Om Malik links to news about the Camino browser -- Firefox done right for Mac. "It's brisk baby."

--We're not sure if VCs really do blog more than angels, as suggested by this post. Jeff Clavier already has a list of some angels that do: Mark Cuban, Esther Dyson, Joe Kraus, Loic Le Meur, Joi Ito, Nick Denton, Mark Pincus, Andrew Anker,...

--Wait, just why did Oracle hire Greg Maffei as President and CFO? As always, the prolific Om Malik raises questions when no one else seems to be. Maffei's acquisitions at Microsoft, he notes, "still havenāt paid off!" And most recently, Maffei ran a company that didn't do very well, 360 Networks. Maybe it was Maffei's scar tissue that attracted Larry?

couple.jpg--Interesting Mercury News story about the unlikely Silicon Valley couple (pictured left by Richard Koci Hernandez) that launched the site www.downingstreetmemo.com on a whim, and sparked nationwide coverage. Shows how much influence you can wield as a citizen these days.

--Silicon Valley region is home to two of world's three fastest supercomputers. IBM topped the list with its Blue Gene supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, IBM. Third-fastest was developed by Silicon Graphics, in Mountain View.

--Today's Merc News story about Ted Smith, the Silicon Valley environmental activist who forced the computer industry to clean up its act. Smith is part of what one out-of-state reporter called the "anti-power couple" of Silicon Valley. Smith's choice quote: "The early pioneers of Silicon Valley were all revolutionaries. They were foresighted, they had an idealistic commitment to values...I'm not out of sync with the values of this culture -- I'm consistent. I think things have changed around me." Also, a Q&A. Things to know.

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