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SuperNova, Gnomedex, and the info fire hydrant

overload.jpgWant the latest valley buzz? What's the point of going to conferences these days when you can get it all online, and almost live? Well, there's the schmooze factor, of course: You exchange business cards, and actually get to know people. But if all you want is info, check out the SuperNova conference this week in SF by going to its Web site . There you'll find a blog, and all kinds of other coverage, including blogcasts, where you take your pick on in-person interviews, depending on your favorite: Technorati's Sifry, Sxip's Hardt, Open Media's J.D. Lasica, Wired's Chris Anderson, SocialText's Ross Mayfield, and many more.

Then there's the Gnomedex in Seattle. There's only, uh, 224 bloggers covering the event.

More on info overload, and the conference dilemma, from The Alarmclock.

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