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Done China, India. Next up: Middle East

middle east.jpgHere's our Merc story (or here) today about Minah Ventures, the new Silicon Valley-Middle East venture fund being raised.

India and China shouldn't have all the fun. At least, that's what two Silicon Valley venture capitalists believe -- they have their eyes on investing in the Middle East.

The men, one American and one Tunisian, plan to raise money from investors, many of them in the Middle East. Their firm, called Minah Ventures, will then invest in Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with Middle Eastern roots and help them launch their start-ups. As the start-ups grow, they would hire researchers and developers in the Middle East and also outsource there.

The venture is one of the first to focus on valley investment in and out of the Middle East, long a troubled region that has made outside entrepreneurs wary...


Great initiative
We're proud of you
Good luck

Ghalia on June 23, 2005 2:20 AM
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