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The buzz (hype?) promises to be loud at Where 2.0

where2.0.gifHere's a transcript of the telephone press conference held last Friday by the hosts of the Where 2.0 conference, Tim O'Reilly and Nathan Torkington. The conference is scheduled for the end of this month in San Francisco. Transcript is a bit long, but a good summary of emerging location technology.

Here's just one blurb, from O'Reilly:

As we get an IP telephony infrastructure, whether it's the installation of Asterisk servers and businesses, or whether it's people using Skype, we're going to have another kind of telephony in the game. As you start to have Wi-fi, and WiMax in particular, spread, people will be able to do telephony without a cell phone. You go, okay, so what, people are going to carry around laptops? No. I think at some point people are going to say, oh, wait, we can introduce an IP telephony device that's portable. The fact is you could have an IP telephony phone. It's not immediate, but it's the same kind of game -- it's AOL versus the Internet 1993 or versus the World Wide Web. I think over the next ten years, the telephony landscape is going to create a lot of pressure on the carriers to figure out interoperability because there is going to be an interoperability option that completely bypasses them.



on June 8, 2005 2:39 PM
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