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Firefox = Foxy Cash Cow

firefox.jpgFirefox is creating a lot of cash for a non-profit, according to Mark Pincus, a valley serial entrepreneur who is pretty well connected (yet relaxed too: note the beer-like bottle in his mouth, now that he has stepped down as CEO of Tribe.) Apparently, Firefox makes over $30m annually off of the Google search box on its browser. He mentioned this to us earlier, while he was wolfing down a lunch after a strenuous triathlon training, but we were slow to investigate, and haven't confirmed it. Here's Mark's post.

Wednesday update: So far, Mozilla has told us they "don't comment on rumors." But they did direct us to documents from the organization's 2003 financial docs (latest available), and it's noteworthy how small their budget was that year -- obviously, before the Google deal was struck. They brought in a whopping total of $2.4 million.

6/10 update: Check out this summary of Mozilla's staff meeting, which mentions the Amazon search box link is making a lot of money too. We're told that Mozilla would have had to file an extension to delay reporting its 2004 taxes, and that the extension would have estimates -- we're checking...


wow. this is my first link from an actual news org. i'm honored. does this make me an actual 'blogger'? and can i call this a scoop?

mark pincus on June 7, 2005 2:30 PM
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Yeah, Mark, you're a scoopster. It works like this: You drag out a rumor and tell it to us offline, but you don't name the source, so it remains rumor. But as reliable old-fashioned MSM, we're slow to investigate or otherwise confirm, which pushes you to post the rumor on a blog. This bypasses us, yet ironically prods us into action. Stay tuned...

Matt Marshall on June 7, 2005 4:02 PM
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